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Patio Heaters: 7 Reasons To Get It For Your Home

As per International Casual Furnishings Association research, 86% of US households have outdoor living space. However, many US residents are not able to use this space during the cold season. If you don’t like to hang out on your patio during winter, you can install patio heaters for a comfortable outdoor stay during the cooler months. 

7 Reasons to Get Patio Heaters

Here are seven reasons to get an outdoor heater for your home. 

  1. Allow You to Use Outdoor All Year Around 

Winter lasts for around three months in the US. Evenings are colder, and the temperature drops, forcing most people indoors. Main festivals like Christmas also come in the winter season. If you install a heater in the outdoor area, you don’t have to worry about a cold breeze while resting on the balcony.

These heaters can make the nights warmer, and you can enjoy parties and festivals with your loved ones in open spaces instead of cramped rooms. 

  1. Easier to Operate

Unlike wooden fires that take a long time to get lit and provide warmth, a heater is easier to operate. It starts with a button push and starts spreading the warmth almost instantly. When you press the button, you will see the heating element glowing, burning red, indicating the heater has started warming the place. 

  1. Elegant Design 

Most US homes have beautiful balconies, and you would want something that matches your décor. Patio heaters come in various shapes and sizes, and you will always find one that matches your décor. It means installing one will not affect the overall looks of the patio. In most cases, it will be a good addition that will enhance the overall beauty of the outdoor space. 

  1. Excellent Coverage 

Experts mention a good quality outdoor heater will heat an uncovered area of 300 feet. If you have a covered patio area, a single heater would be enough to warm an area of 2000 feet. 

The excellent coverage provided eliminates the need for multiple installations, which is an added expense most people would like to avoid. 

  1. High Technology

You may have to brave strong winds occasionally when sitting on a patio. The outdoor heaters are built strong, and they have patented wind-resistance technology. One of the dangers with outdoor heaters is they might lose balance in strong winds, and they might hurt people and cause fires when they fall on the ground. 

Modern outdoor heaters can stand upright even when the wind blows at 11 mph. Hence, there are very few chances of the heater falling when braving the winds. 

  1. Versatile Installation 

Outdoor heaters can be installed in many ways. However, the way of installation depends on the design and size of the device. For example, some bromic heaters can be mounted on poles or walls, while some can be fitted on ceilings. You can also buy free-standing bromic heaters for your outdoor space. 

  1. Well-Constructed

The stainless-steel body of an outdoor heater comes with a powder coating that acts as an additional layer of protection. However, these heaters can weather salty winds or moisture in the air, speeding up corrosion. 

Undoubtedly, a patio heater is a useful device that will allow you to use outdoor space in your house in better ways—the seven reasons given in the post-show why you need to buy this for your home.

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