Top 5 Picnic Spots in Montreal

Choosing a good place for your ideal picnic is very essential. As plans don’t strike out in your life that often and you should make full use of it in any way. Luckily, if you are living in Montreal, then there are a lot of places for you to choose to spend your time together with and only with your family. Montreal is known for its incredible choices of places present in state and thus accounts for a proper picnic site. If you want your picnic to be memorable, here are the top 5 best picnic spots in Montreal to enjoy your picnic.

5 Best Picnic Spots in Montreal

Little Italy Parc:

Known for its incredible systematic beauty of the oasis, it origins far away from the city’s noises and howlings. Aside, Little Italy parc is a lovely beautiful place that will win over your heart just in a few seconds as none have been able to abandon this place once it is seen. Plus, the place is full of flowers, mostly as a flower garden origin that might make your memories more beautiful and lovely with your family and kids. Little Italy parc also has a ready set of wooden tables ready for any sort of dining and picnic refreshments.

Old Port of Montreal:

Old ports in Montreal are the next best thing to cool lonely and beautiful places as they make out as the best picnic spots in the whole country. The shine of the sun is such a beautiful and good feeling to get a glimpse in the morning. Want to relax more? Put up some snacks, wine, beer or even neat whiskey to enjoy the moment more. Go with the flow of nature with the old port of Montreal.

Mount Royal Park:

Mountains are themselves a bucket of beauty. Aren’t they? Who won’t put on a plan to enjoy their picnic on their way to the wildest beauty of mountains? Well if that is your ideal plan, Mount Royal Park is the best option for you to choose out. Whether you plan for some beers on the way with your friends or a full grade picnic party with your whole family, this is the best place. Also, if you get to go on Sundays, you might just be grateful enough for tam tam drummers with their melody.

La Fontaine Park:

More of a picnic place but if you are alone and want to spend the time just enjoying yourself, La Fontaine Park is the best. It’s literally the best place to enjoy your beer, or even go out with your family on a good morning or a cool and silence evening. The feel of the fountain bubbles might just take away all your tensions and miseries there. Sounds heavenly!

The Lachine Canal:

The Lachine canal comes out pure on the side of beauty, but the tree line path is what might be enjoyable for you. As walking down it with the feeling of the leaves falling, the natural noise of branches. All of that makes up for just one thing! A Great Picnic spot and The Lachine canal might be just the right place you have been looking for. Planning a move to Montreal? Property Management Companies can help you as they have an extensive list of rental properties available throughout the city to suit your lifestyle needs and budget.

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