Easy File with Befiler: Online Tax Filing within Minutes

The latest buzz in the tax filing industry is Befiler. It is an online tax preparation and filing portal for salaried individuals to file their returns online within minutes. When we first heard about it, it looked too good to be true, so we dug deeper and found it unbelievably easy, quick, and efficient. So we say,

It’s Easy, It’s Quick – It’s Unbelievable, but it’s True

Why do the salary class individuals need to file their income tax return every year? The salaried class pays its taxes to the government by deduction at source. It means that the employer calculates, and withholds the tax before they are handed over their salary. But due to a lack of understanding between the tax deduction, and the need to becoming a filer; most salaried class individuals still end up paying higher taxes on their banking transactions, and/or purchase or selling of their vehicle and property.

The filing of an income tax return is the only way to reap benefits of paying taxes and being compliant. It is not unheard of that income tax filing is one of the most intimidating process. Here, Befiler.com stepped up to provide such a platform to even people with little or even no knowledge of tax laws to enable them to feel confident and file their income tax returns.

Befiler asks simple questions in YES and NO format where you can enter relevant details such as cash in hand, spending on fees, rent, and other utilities, etc. Based on the answers given, and amount entered, a working is created which determines the payable tax.

While we SWOTTED Befiler.com to look for pros and cons, it was noticed that this technological solution to one of the most avoided problem, reduced the element of human error, and your dependability on manual methods. For years, tax consultants have been entrusted with return filing for individuals. This gave them the power to hold on to FBR credentials, carryout improper or incomplete filing, and restrict individuals’ access to their past records of income tax returns filed in their names.

Befiler.com is a secure, and transparent platform where only you are in charge of your financial information. This enables salaried individuals to better plan their finances, have a more strategic approach to different financial products (such as mutual funds which allow tax rebates), and be in control of their financial information.

We highly recommend that you sign up today at Befiler.com and #Gearup for tax season 2019. With Naya Pakistan in the making, this new method to file tax returns is surely a breath of fresh air, relieving salaried individuals of the fright of filing their tax returns, and finally allowing them to enjoy the benefits for the taxes they have been paying.

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