Pokémon: Let’s Go – How To Catch Pokemons And Other “Pokémon: Let’s Go” Tips

Pokémon games were a huge highlight in most kids childhood.  At least it was mine while growing up, Pokémon games introduced to the world of games. I still remember playing Pokémon red, which was a legendary game. And after that, I kept playing Pokémon games till the Nintendo DS. While playing on the DS the last Pokémon games on it felt very repetitive, so I decided not to get the 3DS. Surprisingly the games on the 3DS felt the same with a little bit of 3D added to the same games. I did buy the new 2DS XL, to play the Alpha Sapphire because they supposed to be the remake of Sapphire and Ruby. It actually made me really nostalgic the new 3D gameplay added to those old games was amazing. So here is where the new Pokémon let’s go comes in, they are gonna be remakes of Pokémon Yellow.

Pokémon Yellow was an absolutely incredible game, it was my second Pokémon game after red. I was surprised by how much they improved in 2 years. So I can’t wait to play Pokémon lets go to experience Kanto Region once again. That game was a gem so I hope Pokémon let’s go lives up to its remake.

Different Pokémon let’s go versions

Pokémon let’s go will be released like any other Pokémon game that releases there will be two versions which have minor differences. They will be called Pokémon let’s go Pikachu and Pokémon let’s go Eevee. The minor differences among them will be the Pokémon’s you can catch in the wild. These are Pokémon’s exclusive to the Pikachu version:

  • Oddish
  • Sandshrew
  • Growlithe
  • Mankey
  • Grimer
  • Scyther

and the Pokémon’s exclusive to the Eevee version:

  • Bellsprout
  • Vulpix
  • Meowth
  • Ekans
  • Koffing
  • Pinsir

these are the Pokémon’s only exclusive to each game respectively. The other Pokémon’s will be available to both versions. The evolutions of these Pokémon’s won’t be available as well. But you can get these by trading with a player in the other game. Or by transferring your Pokémon from the mobile game Pokémon Go.

Another big difference between the two versions is the partner Pokémon. In the Pikachu version, it will obviously be the Electric-type iconic Pokémon, the Pikachu. And in the other version, it will be the most interesting Pokémon ever, the Eevee.

Pokémon: Let’s Go Gameplay

Gameplay in this game seems a bit familiar to the games on the 3DS. It’s not overhead like the old games but is not complete 3D as well. But this game will have a similar feature to the FireRed and SoulSilver games on the DS. Where the partner Pokémon will be following you everywhere and you can interact with it. In this game, its also the same but is way more detailed. The interaction with the Pokémon looks amazing, people will waste a lot of time on interactions. The battle looks the same as the 3DS games as well, where each attack can be seen in 3D. Fighting with the 1st generation of Pokémon’s with this new style will be epic.

The game also has some complex mechanics and helps some new players ease into the experience. And doesn’t bombard them with tutorials on how to do everything. Each Pokémon still has 6 base stats and 1 of 25 natures, and the game seamlessly presents this to you. The online battling with friends is also a letdown.

The Competitive nature of the Pokémon games isn’t present here. With the lack of abilities, held-items, and breeding limits the competitiveness of the game. There are no rank battles or rank battles. The global trade system is non-existent and there no wonder trading. The trading is very barebones but with the small roster of Pokémon it won’t be difficult to complete the Pokédex.

There are some changes to the core gameplay like in red, blue and yellow the Hidden Moves don’t take an actual slot. So you can focus on your Pokémon’s attacks as a whole and not worry about an HM taking up space. The biggest difference to the gameplay is the way you catch a Pokémon. More about that below.

Pokémon: Let’s Go – How To Catch Pokémon

The new Pokémon let’s go games have dropped the old method of catching Pokémon. And instead, they have adopted the style from the mobile game Pokémon Go.

To catch a Pokémon you will need the same stuff like previous games like run around in the grass. But when you encounter a Pokémon you can’t fight it like before, instead, you will need to throw Pokeball’s at it. You will need to take time and the focus on the circle that gets bigger and smaller. Its pretty much the same like the Pokémon Go game but it’s a little harder. To catch a Pokémon perfectly you will need to throw the ball when the circle gets the smallest. You also use items to help you catch it. There isn’t a grind like the previous games where to catch a Pokémon you had to take it down to a certain HP. And sometimes you would beat it, not being able to catch it. That problem is gone and you catch any rare Pokémon without the fear of beating it. And if you don’t want to catch a Pokémon you can simply avoid it. The run feature in previous games was a hit or miss, now you can easily run if you want to.

The efficient method of leveling up is also catching Pokémon, there is also a catching combo when you catch the same species of Pokémon consecutively. As you build your combo the chances of running into a rare and powerful Pokémon also increase. Its good to know that luck isn’t the only factor in catching Pokémon. However, the new catching mechanics don’t come without issues. The joy-con motion controls are inaccurate at best and unpredictable at worst. Finding a reliable way to catch a Pokémon is impossible, the best way is to let the Pokémon return to the center of the screen and then throwing. Even then it sometimes goes the wrong way.

As amazing it is to see Janto Region on the big screen, the best way to catch a Pokémon is on handheld mode. You can use the switch’s gyroscope sensor and the left controller stick to line up the throw.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Graphics

The graphics of this game are amazing. Unlike the old games that were in black and white. Pokémon lets go has vibrant colors, no pixilation and clear graphics. Which mean this game is the best looking Pokémon to date, that was expected through its was the newest game of the series. They even made a lot of improvements over the 3DS games that looked amazing. This game looks even way better than all of those and experiencing Kanto in such amazing graphics is very fun. There is no pixilation as well there was a lot in the 3DS games. This one is a lot more clear you can see everything that is happening nothing looks bad.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Story

This game follows the same routes and pretty much the same storyline as Pokémon yellow. All of the experiences are pretty much the same, going through all of those routes in amazing graphics will be awesome. The cities are the exact same, all of the building are in the same positions, Even the grass in the routes are the same position.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Tips – Differences in playstyles

Pokémon let’s go is on the Nintendo Switch which means there are a total of 3 styles you can play it in. Docked, which is the one where you play it on a tv. Tabletop, where you can place the Switch on a table and use the controller. And last the handheld mode, where you play it completely in your hands. The differences are there when you play this game in each mode. Especially handheld, there are some options missing because of lack of buttons on the Joy-con. But catching Pokémon is the best in this mode because of the gyro sensor. The docked mode makes the game look the most beautiful with Full HD graphics, a Pokémon game hasn’t looked this good ever.

So docked mode is definitely the best to play in and is recommended by us. Tabletop is also not bad, but handheld will take a bit out of the full experience of the game.

This game is definitely worth checking out if you ever played Pokémon Red, Blue or yellow. You will be able to play with all of those Pokémon’s and go through the same paths with them. You can go to iconic places like the Viridian Forest in HD and 3D is amazing.

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