How to Find and Solve the RBI Assistant Previous Year Question Paper

The Reserve Bank of India is the premier institution owned by the Government of India. The bank regularly recruits assistants every year. Although there are only a limited number of vacancies, about 150 or so, the number of candidates appearing for the qualifying exams keeps increasing every year. It is considered prestigious by many to work at this premium bank. One way to get through the tough exams is to go through an RBI Assistant previous year question paper

It is not easy to come across any previous year papers as the only available ones are memory-based because it is a practice at RBI not to allow printing previous year papers. Thanks to some candidates with exceptional memory power, who have been able to recall most of the questions and the correct answers. 

The exam pattern

The exam pattern in the RBI Assistant question paper consists of three sections: Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude. Practicing the RBI assistant previous year papers will help prospective candidates get a fair idea of what it takes to get through the exam. They will have first-hand knowledge of the exam’s difficulty level. 

Please keep in mind that the RBI assistant exam is time-bound, and candidates cannot afford to waste a single minute as every second is precious. The trick lies in practice and more practice with the previous year’s papers to help, and this will give you the required confidence to face the tough exam. 

RBI Assistant previous year question paper

The RBI assistant question paper for the prelims consists of 100 questions, which includes all the three main sections comprising Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Aptitude. 

The best way to start preparing is to solve the RBI Assistant previous year papers, which will stand the candidates in good stead. Prospective candidates should spend their time wisely by attempting mock tests. You can also download the previous year papers for your practice sessions. 

The Benefits of Previous Year Papers

  • You become familiar with the exam pattern, which boosts confidence levels.
  • You get first-hand knowledge about the difficulty levels you have to contend with.
  • Candidates get to know the types of questions asked in the exam.
  • Repeated practice of RBI assistant question papers helps with efficient time management to complete the exam on time.
  • Your accuracy rate improves tremendously, helping you to score better in the exam.
  • Doing a mock test is a type of self-assessment that gives you an idea of your capabilities.
  • Practice lets you discover your weak areas and allows you to focus on them better.

The Best Strategy to Face RBI Assistant Exam

The trick lies in solving as many questions as you can handle from RBI Assistant previous year papers, always keeping an eye on the clock, as timing is vital for success. You need to be updated with the notification that gives the exam details. 

Attempting mock tests is still one of the best strategies for being successful in the RBI assistant exam. These mock tests are real-time, and you can expect similar questions, although you cannot expect the same questions to be repeated, which is never the case with any exam. 

Summing it Up

As you may be aware, RBI exams are tough, and only a few people manage to get through despite everyone getting a fair chance (six attempts in all). However, do not lose hope as the trick lies in practice and more practice, leading to success. 

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