5 Reasons Bristol Deserves a Spot on Your Travel Bucket List

There are a hundred reasons why people love traveling from one place to another. 

But usually, it’s all about seeing the best offers of the places they’re visiting and exploring its most prominent tourist spots.

Well, when you step your feet on the grounds of Bristol city, just know that the tourist attractions aren’t the only reasons for you to see and love the place.

Beyond its unparalleled beauty, interesting history, and fascinating diversity, the city of Bristol has a lot more in the store that will absolutely amaze you.

So, as you give this article a little of your time, get ready to find out why traveling to Bristol definitely and absolutely deserves a place on your bucket list.

Traveling to Bristol – Why Is It A Good Decision

A great place for shopaholics

Are you a traveler and a shopaholic at heart at the same time? Well, if you are, then just know that Bristol welcomes you with open arms. 

As you start traveling to Bristol, feel free to shop ‘til you drop at its renowned shopping place, the Cabot Circus. 

The Cabot Circus is a covered shopping hub nestled in Bristol Shopping Quarter with over 140 stores which you can splurge your money from such as House of Fraser, Mango, Monki, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara and more. 

And if your tummy roars in the middle of your shopping galore, chill down and relax because Cabot Circus also has a handful of selections of restaurants which you can dine in to.   

But aside from the boutiques and restaurants, Cabot Circus is also home to a cinema, offices, hotel, and 250 apartments.  

Bristol is a notable birthplace of Banksy

If you don’t mind knowing, Bristol is a notable birthplace of Banksy, an anonymous English-based street artist, film director, political activist, and vandal. 

Banksy has been active since the 1990s and his sardonic art and rebellious epigrams are so great that you wouldn’t want to just walk on the streets without taking a photo with it. 

So, if these exceptional street arts aren’t the reasons to visit Bristol, then what? Well, you better help yourself and take a look at this list of some of the finest artworks of Banksy.

  • Balloon Girl
  • The Mild Mild West
  • Kissing Coppers
  • One Nation Under CCTV
  • Cardinal Sin
  • Spy Booth
  • Mobile Lovers
  • Slave Labour
  • Art Buff
  • Love Is in the Bin
  • Well Hung Lover
  • Umbrella Girl
  • Space Girl and Bird

It’s definitely a place for food enthusiasts

Too afraid to be hungry? Well, don’t worry because Bristol is a paradise for food enthusiasts like you. 

With its countless selections of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants, you’ll never run out of choices when your tummy needs to fuel up.

But above all else, don’t forget to visit St. Nicholas Market or most well-known as St. Nick’s Market where you’ll find a variety of independent stalls presenting different flavors and special cuisines from around the world. 

The colorful houses depict the vibrancy of Bristol city

Your Bristol trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the vibrant and rainbow-colored streets of Cliftonwood Crescent which is just right around the corner from Clifton Village. 

The line of the pastel and/or candy-colored houses can definitely turn your greyest days into the brightest ones. 

Of course, if you’ll come to Bristol and see its amazing row of multicolored residences, you better get yourself a cute photo as a souvenir. 

The nightlife scene is flourishing

One of the best ways you can spend your time when traveling is by going out at night and explore the nightlife of the place.

Well, if you love bar-hopping or simply chill down on a club, you better take your chance to travel to Bristol City. 

This place won’t ever disappoint you as it’s home to a variety of bars and late-night stops.

And not just that, Bristol bars are mostly just a few walks away from one another, so, that means you can do bar-hopping without giving out a sweat. 

Come and check out the list below of some of the beautiful places you can visit in your Bristol travel.

  • Be At One-Bristol
  • Basement 45
  • The Milk Thistle
  • Bristol Lola Lo
  • The Bootlegger
  • Cosies
  • The Dojo Bar
  • Hyde & Co
  • The Beer Emporium
  • The Woods
  • Red Light
  • The Apple
  • The Love Inn

Where to stay in Bristol?

Finding a place to stay while you’re on the verge of exploring the fascinating city of Bristol is a piece of cake. 

You can find yourself a hotel accommodation in the Bristol city center if you want a more luxurious stay.

But if you’re traveling on a budget, don’t worry because there’s an available serviced apartment in Bristol Redcliffe that offers a more affordable rate. 

Not just that, because you can also find a good place to stay in one of the hotels in Bristol Cabot. 

So, here are just some of the finest reasons why you should take some time to visit the lively city of Bristol. 

If you think we missed out something here, then you better give us a nudge and share your on-hand knowledge with us.

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