France Wins FIFA 2018 World Cup And We All Are Celebrating!!

So, France wins the FIFA 2018 World Cup and we can’t be any happier. It was chaotic in the beginning, breathtaking as it proceeded forward, and magnificently glorious as it ends.

This won’t be wrong to say that this final match France VS. Croatia was an ultimate summary of the FIFA 2018 craziness in 90 minutes. It was unpredictable, surprising, and then it made us feel like every bit was already known. As if we knew this FIFA 2018 World Cup is destined for France since the very beginning. As if every single match was pointing towards the victory of France.

France Wins FIFA 2018 World Cup

After 1998, this year again, France embraced the final FIFA 2018 World Cup title by beating Croatia 4-2 and took the second World Cup trophy to home. In a match quickly hindered by an on-field dissent amid the second a large portion of that Russian punk band Pussy Riot later assumed acknowledgment for.

The primary France goal fell off a Croatian’s head. The second was scored with the guide of the Argentine ref, and turned into the main video-associate checked on goal in the history of World Cup.

The very young forward Kylian Mbappe hit his fourth goal of the competition for France and the group’s 4th in the 65th moment, around 12 minutes after play continued.

Only 19 yo, Mbappe, is just the second young person to score in the finals of World Cup. Before him, it was just 17 yo Brazilian player Pele who scored two goals in the finals of 1958.

This amazing performance by France affirmed what everybody knew even before France finished its 4-2 triumph on Sunday: France was the best group in the field this mid-year in Russia, and thus — a powerful blend of significance, coarseness and favorable luck — they are the FIFA World Cup title holders once again.

Although Croatia tried its very best in the game against France, the brilliance of France team was exceptional. And we must add to this, it was a very well-deserved winning.

With this, we would congratulate France and all its supporters on this magnificent victory. And to Croatia and its supporters, better luck next time, you were great, come back even greater!!

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