How to stop hiccups quickly (causes, cures and home remedies)

Hiccups are annoying and more than often they lead us to panic and anxiety as we rush to stop them right away. To learn how to stop hiccups quickly, you will first need to know why they are caused. So we have created a short summary to make it easier for you to learn. Hiccups the sudden, involuntary contraction (spasm) of the diaphragm muscle, forcing you to suddenly suck air into your in your throat, where it hits your voice box. That makes your vocal cords suddenly close, creating the distinct ‘hic!’ sound. Hiccups can actually happen for a lot of different reasons, some of them are physical, and some emotional. That’s because the actual irritation or the spasm happens in a nerve in the brain. Here are some reasons listed that cause that irritation.

Hiccups Causes

  • Eating too much or too quickly
  • Feeling nervous or excited
  • Drinking carbonated beverages or too much alcohol
  • stress
  • a sudden change in temperature
  • swallowing air while sucking on a candy or a chewing gum
  • certain medications
  • brain tumor
  • abdominal surgery
  • diseases that irritate the nerves that control the diaphragm
  • A hair or something else in your ear touching your eardrum
  • A sore throat or laryngitis
  • steroids

These are some reasons that might’ve caused the hiccups. So now we will tell you how to stop hiccups quickly with medicines or home remedies. 

How to get rid of hiccups quickly (cures and remedies)

how to stop hiccups quickly

Hiccups are mostly a minor inconvenience at best and can be cured or resolved in a short amount of time. If you have been experiencing hiccups for more than 3 hours, or if they are causing the disturbance in your daily life. Then you should contact your doctor for further help because you might have caught a cold or might have something severe.

There are some myths like if you hang upside down or get scared by something the hiccups will stop but, that is not the case and they are nothing more then a myth. But if your mom used to tell you to hold your breath if you had hiccups she was correct that does help with hiccups. Here are some more home remedies like holding your breath: 

  • Drinking a glass of water quickly
  • pulling hard in your tongue
  • biting on a lemon
  • gargling with water
  • smelling salts

These are the home remedies you can use to stop hiccups quickly or stop baby hiccups. Doctors rarely prescribe medications for normal hiccups. But here are some we won’t recommend taking these without a prescription from your doctor. Such as chlorpromazine (thorazine), haloperidol (Haldol) and metoclopramide (reglan).

Hiccups can be prevented by avoiding overeating, eating too quickly, or drinking too much to help prevent hiccups.

How to get rid of baby hiccups

Hiccups in babies are common and, in general of no concern. They might be caused by feeding or during feeding, you should stop feeding until the hiccups go away. You can try changing the position of the baby, or trying to make the baby burp to help stop hiccups quicklySometimes resuming feeding will stop the hiccups. If your baby frequently hiccups during feedings, feed your baby when he or she is already relaxed and is not overly hungry yet.

These are all the cures you can use to stop hiccups quickly for yourself or a baby. You should contact if the hiccups last longer for both the baby or yourself. There is usually not a concern just a wait an hour or two they should go away.

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