SEO Link Building Techniques to Follow in 2021

Establishing links is likely the most difficult and challenging bits of your SEO campaign. SEO link building is the most important part of Search engine optimization that affects the ranking of a website on SERP. It plays an important role in determining which website should be placed at the pinnacle of search results.

What are the best ways to create backlinks?

If you have asked me that question before the release of the Google Penguin update then I would have answered: “link building is as easy as a walk in the park.”

But that is not the case anymore. Any means of link creating technique is not favored by Google which falls under the label of “black hat”. Paid links, spammy links, linking your website to low-quality websites are bound to get your website in trouble.

However, your website will not get penalized but you will not be able to reap the fruits by practicing black hat SEO methods.

With that said, I took the opportunity to share some easy link-building techniques and how to get good backlinks.

How to Get Good Backlinks: SEO Link Building Methods

SEO Link Building Methods

You have probably read many articles and watched many videos regarding link-building techniques and heard about dozens of link build strategies. I will show you doable and result in oriented techniques which I assure you will earn good backlinks.

  • Build Link through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the oldest and effective method to earn links to your website. It can put your content on a greater and better stage and contact a larger number of the target audiences.

Guest blogging additionally helps build a name for your brand and is the most effective method to get valuable backlinks to your website. It boosts your website traffic.

Where to start?

  • Sites that Allow Guest Post: Start with searching for the platforms or website that accept guest posts
  • High DA and Relevant Sites: Don’t rush. Make sure you want to write a guest post for the site(s) that have high domain authority and are closely related to your niche or relevant websites.
  • The website which offers a guest post option should have high-quality content and good audience engagement.
  • Tools you can use Free tools you can use to check DA of a website SEOmoz toolbar,, or paid tool for checking SEO metrics of the potential website(s).
  • Now that you have found the websites for guest posting, focus on your post content. You want to make sure the content you’re going to post is high quality, engaging and informative for the reader.
  • If you’re not a writer yourself then hire blog post writers to draft quality blog content for you.
  • Content is ready, now pitch the website owner through an email. Keep your email script personal and short, fun and casual.

Guest blog posting can sling your website’s traffic and cement you as an SEO specialist in your field.

  • Link Building with Infographic (Guestographjic)

As a guest blog post, the infographic is another way to win high-quality backlinks. This SEO link-building technique skyrockets your website’s organic traffic.

  • The simple approach would be to search for trending niche topics.
  • Make note of good information which you would use in your infographic from those sites.
  • Create an eye-catching infographic and add these sites as a reference at the end of your Infographic.
  • Canva and Visme are great websites to create your own infographic.
  • Publish it on your website and also approach the source sites and ask for a link.

To increase the value of the Infographic, add quality text with the visual as well. As a result of the picture as well as significant content on the same page on your website, people will link back to you. Thus, Google will remunerate you.

  • Broken link Technique

This is another but golden link-building technique that could earn you many valuable backlinks.

Simply search for the websites with a broken link. Make sure the website is relevant to your niche. You can also just search for the websites on Google search and select the site you want to get the link from.

You can find broken links on the selected website(s) using tools like or download the Screaming Frog application.

Make a list of the broken link and create your content and reach out to the website with your content. As mention before, create a personalized email and then offer you’re your content which you have also posted on your website.

  • Frequent Blog Posting on Your Website

Search Engine is always looking for new and fresh content to indexing as it is always working to give its valuable users quality links.

For small business owners, I would say adding a blog to your website is the best way to expose your business services to the right audience. By blogging frequently, you give Google and other web search engines new content to index. This permits your important keywords to rank and increases your website visibility online.

It’s imperative that you don’t have thin content on your page.  Add visuals like infographics, pictures, or videos with the blog to increase audience engagement. There are many benefits of adding blog posts to your website. It strengthens your website authority; develops a good relationship with your customers, and increases the chances of social sharing.

You can link to another high DA website and anchor your own page as an internal link.

If the content is great, it attracts another website to link to you and mentions your website.

Don’t just post content but share it on social media as well. This presents your blog content to a larger target audience. Make sure you have social share buttons embedded on your website blog page as well on other landing pages.

  • Leverage Social Media for Link Building

Social media is a great way to create online buzz about your brand and services. Social sharing gives a type of social confirmation, giving more prominent believability and dependability to your content. You can create social posts and add a link to your target page and share it on social media official accounts. Make sure the content you target is of high quality and only link that.

Pinterest is another good platform to market your website and earn good backlinks. You can also upload your infographic.

Another way to get good links to your website is by creating online company profiles. Make sure the sites you create a profile on is high domain website itself.

In a nutshell

Here we reach the end of today’s topic. All of these techniques are beneficial for your website for organic traffic. You can grow organic search traffic with SEO link-building ideas. SEO is about presenting your website to a larger and relevant audience and getting good traffic and improve rankings through backlinks. Creating backlinks by staying in the Google guidelines is bound to give your business the boost it deserves.

If you have any other good backlinking technique, share it with us in the comment section below.

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