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Top 10 countries to travel

Anyone who has an outdoor personality loves to travel a lot. Most people dream of living their lives on the road traveling from one destination to another. It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital nomad, frequent traveler or just regular a person looking for travel recommendations, We at Trendmut have compiled a list of top 10 countries to travel which fits almost any personality.

The countries listed here are amazing to travel solo, with friends or family. There is a combination of amazing sights, great culture and exciting history in all of these countries listed below. Be sure to check them out, or at least have them on your bucket list, so that you can visit whenever you get the time. A

The top 10 countries to travel

1) Thailand

Thailand is the number one go-to destination for travelers and frequent backpackers. The main reason people choose Thailand the most as their number one travel destination is the sights, the calm beaches and the natural views of sunsets throughout Thailand and also the cheap expense that Thailand offers. Most travelers around the world are tight on a budget which makes Thailand their primary choice as a travel destination, but even for the people who are not short on money, Thailand is still a must-visit place. There are beautiful sunsets, great scenery, historical places such as shrines to visit and overall Thailand has a nice travel-friendly vibe attached to it. There are many travelers present in Thailand at any time of the year, hence here you get to explore a new region and make some friends from the other side of the world along the way.


2) Indonesia

Second, on our list of top 10 countries to visit is Indonesia. For most people, it is a difficult choice between Thailand and Indonesia. As both, countries offer similar experiences. Both are in Asia and both have great beaches with beautiful sunsets. Indonesia is also called the land of a thousand islands. Unlike Thailand where there are many bars and pubs in the travel cities, Indonesia is more of a cultural place. You can view shrines and temples of golden statues, you can learn the Indonesian culture more in-depth. The overall vibe of Indonesia is a bit more family-friendly as compared to Thailand. As Thailand is the number one place for backpackers, Indonesia is the most chosen travel destination for couples.


3) Bhutan

Bhutan is a small peace-loving country with amazing mountain ranges. For people who love to spend the afternoons looking at mountains, bird watching and enjoy simply to be at peace, Bhutan is the place that they should visit. Many ancient monasteries are located in Bhutan which gives an insight into the culture and history of this beautiful country.  Many tourists and magazines list Bhutan is the most beautiful place to visit, apart from this Bhutan has been named as the most peaceful country in the world many times.


4) Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country with various islands as well. It is among the cheapest countries to visit with such beautiful islands. College students and backpackers love the Philippines because of how cheap and beautiful it is. Almost around the whole year people visit the Philippines and make new memories as well as new friends. Since the country’s economy is low it gets all kinds of help from tourists and tourism is a major boost in the Philippines’ economy. It is an amazing honeymoon destination as well as a great wedding spot.


5) Turkey

Turkey is among the very few countries that connect two continents together, Asia and Europe. Because of this very fact, you can find the best things about both continents in this one country. There are many ancient mosques which great architecture and history located in Turkey, alongside with ferry rides and pubs and party places just like in any other European country. For most travelers who need to view two continents and kind of mixture of both continent’s traditions and values, Turkey is the place to be. Tourism is great in turkey as well so it is highly likely you will meet people from various parts of the world here.


6) Sri Lanka

Need to visit a tropical place with great ancient sights, a place which has coconut trees as far as the eye can see, a place where the sea is a major influence in the countries food, and economy? That’s Sri Lanka for you. Sri Lanka is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ because it is a beautiful place. Many travelers who have been here loved their stay and wish to visit again. It is a mysterious country unlike most. The beaches as with any tropical country are great. But more than that the whole ambiance of Sri Lanka is similar to a lazy afternoon of rest. If that is your idea of a perfect holiday escape then Sri Lanka will suit you just fine.


7) Portugal

Now we are stepping into the more expensive type of countries to visit. Portugal is not really on the cheap side of travel as it is a European country. But the people who have traveled almost the whole world list Portugal as one of the most beautiful places they have been.  So, why visit Portugal? Well, if you are a fan of wonderful castles, natural landscapes, and historic beauty then you can’t go wrong with Portugal. It does have a few amazing beaches as well. Overall Portugal offers a lot of variety to a traveler, people get to experience mouth-watering cuisines, cheerful festivals and polite nature/hospitality of the people there.


8) Spain


Spain can definitely be called a country which party’s a lot. The whole vibe for this country is like a carnival. Many cities in Spain offer a very different and unique experience. There are cultural heritages to view here, the great landscape for sightseeing and the people in Spain have a very low rate of depression. The climate is greate in Spain throughout the year. Spain is on many travelers’ bucket list but since it is not that cheap, people tend to keep it on their bucket list. Nonetheless, you will not run out of activities to do in Spain and your visit in Spain will always be a memorable one.


9) Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a natural experience like none other. Imagine visiting a lush green jungle where there are many different species of birds and animals to see. Traveling through this country you will find different species of parrots and toucans singing along or just hovering over you most of the time. For nature lovers, Costa Rica is one of the most enjoyable places there is. It brings out the inner Indiana Jones within any nature and temple ruins lover. Costa Rica is a rainforest country overall, it shares coastlines with the Caribbean and the pacific ocean. Along with the lush green sceneries, it also has great museums and quite a bit of history to share.


10) Italy

Italian cuisine is admired worldwide, the country is, however, more interesting than its famous cuisine. Italy offers a wide variety of natural sites along with historic ones. Italy has some of the best museums in the world. Every city is different in Italy, some are submerged in water such as Venice, some are filled with historical significance such as Rome. Italy is full of surprises, you will be amazed to learn a few new things every day while traveling to Italy. The people here are hospitable, there is great art and architecture all around the country and foreigners are welcomed warmly. Italy is a must-go-to destination for travel-loving people.

Conclusion – top 10 countries to travel

These are the top 10 countries to travel in general, as most people are willing to visit these places or the people who have visited them rank them as their favorite. Although most places in this list of top 10 countries to travel might not be on the cheaper side. But for the cheapest countries to visit we have a whole other list.


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