The Face Shop Skincare Essentials for Beginners

The number of people who are into skincare are increasing every day and the internet does not lack on knowledge for Skincare Essentials for Beginners.

Especially this pandemic, most of us really strived for a healthier lifestyle while staying at home. 

Establishing a skincare routine can be challenging for some as it requires consistency for it to work. 

Like most things, we have to start with baby steps until we understand how it works. 

How do I start my skincare routine?  What are the Skincare Essentials for Beginners?

First of all, you should know what your skin type is and what issues you are trying to fix. (e.g., oily, sensitive, dry, combination) 

Skincare products might look all the same but some of those are not suitable for a certain skin type. 

What kind of skincare essentials products should beginners buy? 

Korean cosmetics are looked up to when it comes to beauty talk. 

They have been providing the market their hottest and most advanced skincare products. 

That said, Korean skincare products are a good start when you are looking for something safe and tested by many. 

Also, they are known for using natural ingredients that makes their products gentler on the skin. 

One of the most familiar brands on the market, The Face Shop, offers a variety of quality skincare products that can tend to the needs of your skin. 

Let’s talk about the skincare essentials under their brand. 

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil 

Cleansers are the most important skincare product you should have. 

You will never achieve a healthy skin without cleansing your face properly. 

If you think that water alone does the trick, you are wrong. There is dirt and sebum that stays in our pores that water can’t get rid of. 

There are different kinds of cleanser: oil, water, gel, cream, and so much more. 

Oil-based cleansers are suitable for most skin types as it is very gentle and effective in removing dirt and excess sebum without affecting the natural oils in our skin. 

White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser 

Exfoliators are also a must-have as our skin needs deep cleaning every now and then. 

It helps our skin produce newer skin cells by getting rid of the dead skin cells. It also unclogs our pores and improves dark spots. 

With this product and process, your skin will look better 10x.  

There is a messy debate whether you should exfoliate every day or a few times a week but it all boils down to what you skin needs. 

We all have different skin types with different needs so you must find what suits yours. 

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Toner 

Toners are responsible for balancing our skin’s pH level after cleansing but this may vary on the ingredients of the toner you are using. 

It also helps close our pores and provides a refreshing feeling after. 

But some toners are hydrating but some are drying and irritating. 

This toner is just mild and not too overpowering, great even for acne-prone skin. 

Rice & Ceramide Moisture Emulsion 

Environmental changes are out of our control and most of the time, it can put your skin into its extremes.  

Either super dry or super oily, and both are not good. 

Moisturizers are there to help you provide the moisture our skin needs. We may not notice it but some of our daily habits strip off moisture to our skin like using hot water when showering. 

This moisture emulsion is one of The Face Shop’s best-sellers and it is packed with many benefits that will make your skin look healthy and glowing. 

Calendula Essential Moisture Eye Cream 

Skin around our eyes are more prone to wrinkling and fine lines as it is thinner and more sensitive than different parts of our skin. 

Eye creams provide nutrients and moisture it needs, unlike raisins, it would not be wrinkly. 

Most people tend to overlook this part and start using eye creams when they already have wrinkles and fine lines. 

Prevention is better than cure, always. 

Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream 

Sun creams are always important since UV rays are one of the main reasons why our skin ages fast. 

Without protection from the sun, we are prone to a much more serious skin damage. 

Using sun creams will give your skin an extra protection and your skin will definitely thank you for it. 

This sun cream is SPF50+ PA+++. (Fyi, SPF = protection from UVB rays, PA = protection from UVA rays) 


Always check the ingredients before purchasing any products. 

Read reviews online and research about the product you’re eyeing. 

It is better to try products from known brands like The Face Shop as it has been proven and tested by many. 

Let us know if these products work for you! 

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