Spain VS Portugal: 3-3 Stunning Draw in the 4th FIFA 18′ Match

The fourth match of FIFA Worldcup 2018 was between Spain VS Portugal and it has been a stunner as both the teams scored 3-3 and drew the match.

It was a standout amongst the most discussed matchups of this stage. Furthermore, this match has also given us one stunning World Cup memory to reminisce for later years. In Group B, Spain and Portugal played out a wild six-goal spine-chiller, with the groups drawing 3-3. Spain conquered a 2-1 shortfall to lead the pack in the second half before Cristiano Ronaldo finished his cap trap with an insane late free-kick goal. Here are all the amazing highlights from the Spain VS Portugal match.

Spain VS Portugal Highlights

Ronaldo played the ref into granting an extra shot on a non-foul from Nacho in only four minutes into the game and put it away quite nicely.

And then after 20 minutes of efforts, Spain drew level with a totally superb goal from Diego Costa. He made a few moves and cunningly found some space for a low rifle.

Later, again after 20 minutes, Ronaldo put a shot on the outline that David De Gea couldn’t deal with, with the main real goalkeeper screw up of the World Cup.

Now, again, it was Spain’s turn to answer and just ten minutes into the second half, it was Diego Costa once more, completing off a delightfully played set piece in front of goal.

At that point, another brisk punch. As Spain was overwhelming, it got another goal from Nacho who created a delectable hit into the corner off the post three minutes after the fact.

In any case, the last giggle would go to Ronaldo. Scoring the most seasoned cap trap in World Cup history as he got the equalizer in the 87th moment with a wild free kick that left De Gea solidified.

This was the moment when we all realized what a stunningly wild an hour and a half we had. This match was pretty over-hyped already and now, when we have got an epic draw of 3-3, it has made this match even divine for all of us.

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