FIFA world cup 2018 – news and schedule

FIFA world cup 2018 is starting pretty soon. Players, fans and every sports fanatic in the entire world are pretty anxiously waiting for FIFA world cup 2018 Russia.

Yep, that’s right as you might already know this time it’s happening in great Russia. Every FIFA world cup happens in the different country and this time Russia was selected. Russia is a great place for the football world cup 2018 and people are pretty happy about it.

People are for some reason crazy about football (soccer) more than any other sports. This excitement can easily be seen in the events such as World Cup itself. Although FIFA world cup is the highest tournament in football even the smaller ones get their fair share of attention. As the fans and supporters watch all the matches played by their favorite teams with dedication.

FIFA world cup is no different. In any scenario its more competitive tournament than any other sports tournament. Because almost every single developed country has a national football team. And each one of them registers to compete in the World Cup, but only a few determined ones make it. These teams are then put into groups where they compete with each other and earn points. Only the strongest teams in these groups make it to the knockout matches and then quarter-finals,  Semi Finals and then eventually make their way up to the final World Cup match.

So, with any further waiting here are the teams categorized or grouped in FIFA World Cup 2018 groups.

FIFA world cup 2018 Groups

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Group-wise matches are taking place from 14th June 2018. Here is the schedule of Group wise matches in FIFA World Cup 2018 according to the official Fifa website. These are groups in which teams are classified into as of right now. First, these group matches will take place after which the Knock out phase will happen. The knockout phase which will happen afterward will decide which teams will go to the quarterfinals and further.

As of right now, there are a few favorite teams in FIFA Worldcup 2018 based on their previous performances and points. These teams are the ones which actually have a better chance of winning the world cup this year, people mostly bet on winning of one of these teams. The teams which are favorite are as follows.

FIFA 2018 All Matches Score

First Match Russia Vs. Saudi Arabia
( 5-0 ) – Russia Wins

Second Match Egypt Vs. Uruguay
( 0-1 ) – Uruguay Wins

Morocco Vs. Iran
( 0-1 ) – Iran Wins

Spain Vs. Portugal
( 3-3 ) – Match draw

France Vs. Australia
( 2-1 ) – France Wins

Argentina Vs. Iceland
( 1-1 ) – Match draw

Peru Vs. Denmark
( 0-1 ) – Denmark Wins

Croatia Vs. Nigeria
( 2-0) – Croatia Wins

Costa Rica Vs. Serbia
( 0-1) – Serbia wins

Germany Vs. Mexico
( 0-1 ) – Mexico Wins

Brazil Vs. Switzerland
( 1-1 ) – Match Draw

Sweden Vs. South Korea
( 1-0) – Sweden Wins

Belgium Vs. Panama
( 3-0) – Belgium wins

England Vs. Tunisia
( 2-1 ) – Mexico Wins

Colombia Vs. Japan
( 1-2) – Japan wins

Poland Vs. Senegal
( 1-2 ) – Senegal Wins

Russia Vs. Egypt
( 3-1) – Russia Wins

Portugal Vs. Morocco
( 1-0) – Portugal wins

Uruguay Vs. Saudi Arabia
(1-0) – Uruguay Wins

Spain Vs. IR Iran
(1-0) – Spain wins

Denmark Vs. Australia
( 1-1 ) – Match Draw

France Vs. Peru
(1-0) – France wins

Argentina Vs.Croatia
(0-3) – Croatia Wins

Brazil Vs. Costa Rica
(2-0) – Brazil wins

Nigeria Vs. Island
(2-0 ) – Nigeria wins

Serbia Vs. Switzerland
(1-2) – Switzerland Wins

Belgium Vs. Tunisia
(5-2) – Belgium wins

South Korea Vs. Mexico
(1-2 ) – Mexico wins

Sweden Vs. Germany
(1-2) – Germany Wins

Panama Vs. England
(1-6) – England Wins

Japan Vs. Senegal
(2-2) – Match Draw

Colombia Vs. Poland
(3-0 ) – Colombia wins

Saudi Arabia Vs. Egypt
(2-1) – Saudi Arabia Wins

Uruguay Vs. Russia
(3-0) – Uruguay Wins

Iran Vs. Portugal
(1-1 ) – Match Draw

Spain Vs. Morocco
(2-2) – Match Draw

Australia Vs. Peru
(0-1) – Peru Wins

Denmark Vs. France
(0-0) – Match Draw

Nigeria Vs. Argentina
(1-2) – Argentina Wins

Iceland Vs. Croatia
(1-2) – Croatia Wins

Mexico Vs. Sweden
(0-3) – Sweden Wins

South Korea Vs. Germany
(2-0) – South Korea Wins

Brazil Vs. Serbia
(2-0) – Brazil Wins

Switzerland Vs. Costa Rica
(2-2) – Match Draw

Colombia Vs. Senegal
(1-0) – Colombia Wins

Poland Vs. Japan
(1-0) – Poland Wins

England Vs. Belgium
(0-1) – Belgium Wins

Panama Vs. Tunisia
(1-2) – Tunisia Wins

Round of 16 Match Score

France Vs. Argentina
(4-3) – France Wins

Portugal Vs. Uruguay
(1-2) – Uruguay Wins

Spain Vs. Russia
(1-1) (3-4) – Russia Wins

Croatia Vs. Denmark
(1-1) (3-2) – Croatia Wins

Brazil Vs. Mexico
(2-0) – Brazil Wins

Belgium Vs. Japan
(3-2) – Belgium Wins

Sweden Vs. Switzerland
(1-0) – Sweden Wins

Colombia Vs. England
(1-1) (3-4) – England Wins

Quarterfinals Match Score

France Vs. Uruguay
(2-0) – France Wins

Brazil Vs. Belgium
(1-2) – Belgium Wins

Sweden Vs. England
(0-2) – England Wins

Croatia Vs. Russia
(2-2) (4-3) – Croatia Wins

Semifinals Match Score

France Vs. Belgium
(1-0) – France Wins

Croatia Vs. England
(2-1) – Croatia Wins

Final Match Score

France Vs. Croatia
(4-2) – France Wins

FIFA Worldcup 2018 Favorite teams


Key player this year: Neymar


Key player this year: Antoine Griezmann


Key player this year : Mesut Ozil


Key player this year: David Silva


So, the best teams so far in world cup 2018 are Brazil, France, Germany, and Spain. And why won’t they be…
Each one of these teams has performed marvelously well in the past as you can see in the videos above. Along with help of the key player that each team has this year, all of these teams are destined to win.

Nobody knows what the future holds. But if these teams continue to perform the way that they have performed in past one of these will surely bag the trophy as the FIFA world cup 2018 champion. Stay tuned for more updates and news regarding the latest developments in FIFA 2018.


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