5 Tips To Stay Safe While Swimming This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. And one of the fun ways to relieve the summer heat is to go to the beach or take a refreshing dip at the pool. Aside from getting that sexy tan of yours, the water also helps you cool off the scorching heat of the summer sun. While swimming can be fun and memorable experience, there are some things that you need to know before you dive into the water. So take note of these 5 essential tips to stay safe while enjoying the waters this summer.

  • Avoid drinking pool water

First rule when going into a swimming pool is to try not to swallow the water. This is the most important summer tip that is so hard to avoid completely. As gross as it may sound, a pool is basically a public bathtub where anyone can get in and, well, who knows what else are happening in it aside from swimming. Yes, the pool water has chlorine in it. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t kill whatever germs are in the water instantly.

For all we know, people might have accidentally peed in the water and swallowing the water means ingesting the germs and parasites lurking in it; causes gastrointestinal problems and other water-related illnesses. If you gets thirsty, why not bring a water container from a trusted water bottles manufacturer with you? Just make sure its BPA free and safe for the marine life.

  • Never swim alone

Whether you go to the beach or visit the nearby swimming this pool, always choose a place with lifeguards and check where they are located. When swimming at the pool, make sure to check first where the drains are and if their covers are secured.

When at the beach, talk to the lifeguards about the condition of the place and how the waves and currents are. You can also feel if the winds are strong or just normal. Don’t go into the water alone. If someone else is there swimming near you, you can be sure that there will be someone that can help you whenever you needed it. Another thing that you need to watch out for are the riptides. They can be really dangerous especially if you go swimming in an open water. To avoid a riptide, do not panic and swim parallel to the shoreline.

  • Don’t stay too long in the water

The cold water in the pool or at the beach is perfect to give relief from the sizzling hot of the summer sun. However, our body easily cools off when you are in the water so get out of the water whenever you start feeling cold. Staying in the water for too long might bring you cold; or worse, you might catch hypothermia.

There are times when you don’t want to get out of the water no matter how cold you are especially when you are having so much fun playing with your friends. Still, try to take a break at least every hour to regain the warmth that you lost while in the water.

  • Get familiar with the warning signs

Be smart and responsible by getting yourself familiar with the warning signs placed at the beach and at the swimming pool. The most common color coded flags you could find at the beach especially during peak season are double red which means the place is currently unavailable to the public, single red which means high risks perhaps with strong currents, purple which means there are dangerous marine life around the area, and green which means the wind, water and current are calm yet the public are still required to take precautionary measures. Always follow whatever warning signs are posted. Don’t panic and signal whenever you see an emergency. It would be great too if you could learn how to do CPR. Learning CPR is made easier now with many CPR trainings available online.

  • Never leave your sunscreen behind

Sunscreen becomes our best buddy when comes. In fact, whenever you go out in the sun, even if it isn’t summer yet, you have to make sure to apply sunscreen. Sunscreens help protect you against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Choose a product with high SPF and apply them from head to toe. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen when you go swimming and if possible reapply them every hour since most sunscreens last for only an hour if you’re swimming.

Finally, keep yourself hydrated. Our body loses water when the weather is hot. So to avoid possible heatstroke, always carry a BPA-free water container from trusted water bottles manufacturer and drink water as often as possible.

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