6 Incredible Things to Do in New Zealand

New Zealand – One of the best places to explore the highlights of southern and northern islands. It is a jam-packed place to do so much adventure and create unforgettable memories. Its a place full of incredible scenery and known for its breathtaking beauty. 

If you are pondering over which place to visit for your next holiday trip, then New Zealand is a dream destination that you should visit at least once in your entire life. Whether you want to take a relaxing break, perform adventurous activities, hike a glacier or planning something surprising for someone special, New Zealand is the hidden spot to explore. 

It is one of the most visited tourist places which experiences the peak of its summer in December till March. So, if you are planning to spend your next Christmas overseas, then New Zealand is one of the best destinations to travel. Furthermore, if you are looking for the destination to taste mouth-watering food and enjoy the sunset and sunrise of golden-sand beaches, then you must try visiting New Zealand. 

By diving into this article, you will get to know the foremost things to experience in the southern hemisphere and make your to-do list for a never forgettable trip.

Best Things to do in New Zealand

Now, let’s talk about the top things you must try while landing at the coolest destination, also known as the top half of the diamond-shaped island.

1- Sail around the Bay of Islands

One of the best things to know about New Zealand is that you need not be powerful and rich to admire the beauty of the place as it the easiest and accessible sights to explore. If you want to admire the spectacular nature of this wild land, then you must not forget to sail in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

It not only offers good anchorage but also helps in performing marine activities. I personally visited New Zealand in the last holidays with my friends; I realized that sailing around the Bay of Islands is like enjoying a wealthy sanctuary of perfect beaches without climbing in the open blue sky. 

Moreover, you can also taste the delicious food while enjoying the deserted islands and sailing into the boat. Also, you may check out the places to visit in Bay of Islands

2- Enjoy Bungy Jumping in Queenstown

While visiting Queenstown, don’t forget to jump off the platform if you really want to make some good adventurous memories. Yes, I am talking about Bungy Jumping, invented by AJ Hackett. 

If you have not done some scary activities like Bungy jumping, then New Zealand- Queenstown is the perfect place to make your first jump. There are various reasons to experience this crazy adrenaline sport like you can experience different types of bungee jumps as per your taste and with top-notch quality. 

If you want to over your fear of bungy jumping, then book your flights right away. You may consider doing Air Canada Reservation a few days in advance to experience this ultra-popular activity during peak season without facing any last-minute hustle.

3- Explore Māori Culture

Are you familiar with the term Maori? 

This term is commonly used for the indigenous people of New Zealand who are known for their dance style called Haka and stunning tattoo designs made on their body. These people usually stuck out their tongue to frighten their enemies.

If you are a rugby lover, then you might be aware that the rugby team members do Haka before they start their game. 

If you want to explore this culture live, then don’t give up the chance to visit New Zealand as approximately 15% of its population is of Maori people. By visit Rotorua, you can also enjoy “Hangi meal” which is a mixture of carrots, potatoes and meat. 

Therefore, don’t miss the chance to experience Maori culture. Just book online tickets to New Zealand for your next trip. You may consider Faremart – an online booking platform to book air tickets to New Zealand as it has access to 450+ airlines and offers special discount offers with 24*7 additional customer support.

4- Don’t forget to visit Mount Doom in Tongariro National Park 

After prospecting rivers, beaches and religious sites; National Park is another thing to explore in New Zealand, especially Mount Doom in Tongariro. 

It is one of the oldest park located in New Zealand. By crossing Tongariro Alpine which is 18.5 km away from the volcanic centre of New Zealand’s north island, you can experience the most wonderful place in New Zealand- Mount Doom. 

So, if you want to visit the best hikes in less time, then you must this place in To-Visit list. 

5- See the beauty of the coast from Castlepoint Lighthouse

Castlepoint Lighthouse is another must watch place in New Zealand which is located near the village Wellington Region of the North Island. 

It is one of the tallest lighthouses which is 52 meters above the sea level. If you want to appreciate the ocean vistas, then you should definitely visit Castlepoint, which is 100 years old lighthouse. 

If you love swimming, then you can enjoy safe swimming by visiting Castlepoint lighthouse as it also has sheltered lagoon. So, what are you waiting for? If you are an avid swimmer and want to see the of New Zealand from one place, pack your bags right away and visit Castlepoint Lighthouse. 

6- Must taste wine at a vineyards 

If you feel the urge to explore different places, then you might be familiar that New Zealand is the place which is known for producing fabulous wine; both Red and White.

So, if you are in admire of wine, then explore the amazing vineyards in New Zealand and taste a wide variety of wine from the very source. Also, you may check the 10 best wineries available in New Zealand. 

Final Say

I Hope the list of resources added above will help you to plan your next holiday trip to New Zealand without any trouble. 

There is no denying the fact that New Zealand is one of the favourite places of tourists due to all such an attractive place, tasty food and adventurous things to experience.

So, before making a plan to visit New Zealand, I recommend you to keep a note on the above-discussed things to explore a magical place at its best. 

Also, if you are a frequent traveller, then follow these travel blogs to make your next travel plan without any challenge!!

Good Luck.

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