How to make your hands look beautiful – Hand Care Tips

Your hands might not be your first priority when it comes to taking care of them. We have already a lot of things going in our life. And we hardly find the time to take care of our beauty and glow. Even when we do, we normally miss our hands. We think taking care of facial skin is already too much, then the concern to grow healthier and longer hair, getting pink healthy lips, and much more. Then how can we take the time out for hand care? But, it is the time, we should realize how important is to give the equal amount of care and attention to our hands, just like the other body parts. Whenever we see a hand model on the TV commercial or someone with really beautiful hands, we realize what we are doing.

We do most of our chores with our hands, yet, neglect them when it comes to taking care of them. Doubtlessly, they are the most ignored part of our body. They are always on display so it is really important to keep them beautiful. However, it is difficult; all the time your hands are presented to the cruel cleaners. Since they contain very little subcutaneous fatty tissue, hands are especially delicate and require reliable care.

It may appear a little odd and menace when you consider beginning a hand care schedule, however, there is an assortment of little things you can do to enhance the beauty of your hands that don’t really expect you to cut out time from your day to dedicate to the exertion. To your assistance, we have listed the hand care tips step by step that will help you in getting your beautiful hands back that you somehow lost in the harshness of a busy life.



The first step is detoxification. It eliminates all the unwanted and unnecessary body toxins. It helps you to remove all the dust and dirt particles from your hands. Keeping hands clean is not only good for the beauty of the hand but it also helps you in avoid getting sick.


  1. Make sure to wash your hands before and after cooking and eating, caring for someone who is sick, coming from the toilet, after touching animals, garbage, or any unhealthy thing.
  2. Use a good hand wash or soap, like Eminence, Bon Vital, Kiss My Face, Organys, and Eavara.
  3. Make sure to dry your hands afterward.



 The skin on the back of the hands is quite thin and very fragile and more naive to get the damage. This is why you should never forget to exfoliate your hands once in a week. Sure our hands need good scrub way too often but what they need the most is exfoliation. This helps in removing all the dead cells from the hands and make them pretty good absorbent of moisturizers and creams.


  1. Add 1-2 tablespoon of sugar in olive oil. Mix it and rub it gently on your hands.
  2. Use Shea hand scrub for one minute. It makes your hands instantly smooth and soft.



Water is the key to health, we have quoted this a lot of times before and this time again, for beautiful hands, you need to keep them moisturized often. You should always apply hand cream or lotion on your hands when you feel they are getting any drier. This will help you in getting rid of the dryness, and patchy skin. And your hands will look beautiful.


  1. Apply a good moisturizing cream or lotion on your hands. The best hand moisturizer that we would suggest you are Acure, Olay, Nivea, La Prairie, Clinique, and Avalon.
  2. Massage your hands for a while.

Nail Care


Another great way to make your hands look beautiful is good nail care. Your nails should be well trimmed, strong, with protected cuticles. Use Shea butter nail & cuticle nourishing oil every once in a while to keep your nails look healthy and clean. Do not bite your nails, instead give them a trim every week. Proper care and hygiene of your nails will greatly impact the positivity and beauty in your hands.

Besides these four steps in taking good care of your hands. There are other habits that you should adopt if you really want your hands to look beautiful.

  1. Wear gloves when doing house chores.
  2. Avoid using chemicals that are harsh.
  3. Wash your hands more often.
  4. Use sunscreen when going out in the sun.
  5. Pamper the hands with great care and attention.

Once you will start making these simple steps your habit. You will soon realize their significance and the beauty of your hands will overwhelm you in thinking what took you so long for paying attention to them You might one day think about trying to become a hand model. After all, such beautiful hands you have.

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