First Year of University: 7 Tips to Start with Good Standing

It’s time for the truth as your first year of university is upon you. Surely you’ve heard thousands of urban legends about the university campus, student’s life, exams, scholarships, etc., and now it’s time to live this experience for yourself. Most probably your first year will be full of uncertainty and many emotions but, do not worry! We have prepared 7 tips to help you get through the first weeks of university like a champ.

  1. Take a tour of the campus

Yes, we already know that you knew your institute like the back of your hand but, now you are in the University and, very probably, this one is much bigger than that. That’s why it’s worth it to familiarize yourself with the campus and its different areas. And of course, do not forget to investigate ahead of time what part of the faculty your classrooms are in!

  1. Do not miss the first days!

The first days of class tend to be devoted to introductions and presentations, something that can be a bit boring and monotonous. However, do not make the mistake of being absent as the first day if class is where you will meet new friends. If you miss the first day you may feel a bit isolated in class. Also from the academic point of view, these classes serve to know the evaluation system and the types of exams that you will face; fundamental information on how to organize and face the course.

  1. Organize your time

Now that you are at the beginning of the course, it is a good idea to prepare a study calendar and organize your routine with classes, study hours and time for other activities. Organization is the key to success and bringing the subjects up to date. It can save you from a lot of problems especially when the exams get closer.

  1. Get involved in university activities

The university is much more than classes and exams. The university is a whole concept that offers multiple possibilities of academic and personal development. Find out about the different projects, groups and university associations that take place at your university; very likely there will be one that interests you and fits your expectations. Also, joining a group is always a good opportunity to meet new people.

  1. Ask questions!

Asking in class is important because it can solve many doubts and, in addition, it is usually valued positively by teachers. However, excessive questioning is never good. Do not become that student who raises his/her hand every 5 minutes. You can always ask your classmates outside the class or organize study groups so that all of you can solve your doubts.

  1. Accept diversity

When you start college you will find people of all ages, races, nationalities and ideologies. Do not prejudge anyone and try to learn as much as possible from others. This will enrich you culturally and, without a doubt, will make you mature as a person.

  1. Do what your teacher would do

This advice is a bit more long term but it is useful to know it from the beginning. As you will see when you start university, each teacher has his way of explaining, organizing concepts, solving problems, etc. The trick is to try to be a “clone” of your teacher especially when it comes to exams. Yes, we know that this is not ideal and that creativity should be rewarded. However, in most cases this is not the case. Try to adapt to your teacher and do the essays and the exam like he/she explained and he/she will feel more identified with your answers.

So these were the 7 tips for your first week of university. What do you think about our advice? Have you already gone through this and have more advice for others in their first year of college? Share your experience with us!

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