Trendy Fashion Accessories and Gifts in 2019

New York, Milan, London, and Paris fashion weeks create the trends. Milan is a bit more old-fashioned than New York, and London whilst Paris is the tried-and-true favorite, but from all, it is possible to draw a complete picture of the upcoming trends, from which we can decide which ones we want to concentrate on.

Fashion accessories and gifts make outfits stand out. From bags ranging in size from tiny to outsize to silk scarves worn in every possible way, no outfit on any of the major catwalks was complete without at least one big accessory moment, any of which would make the perfect gift. 

Trendy Gifts in 2019

Trendy fashion colors

Fashion colors that are currently trending offer something for everyone. At the top of the list is the confidence-building Flame Scarlet, Saffron and even Coral Pink for a shot of brilliance. There are calming blue tones, including classic blue, teal and the vital dark navy to balance out the hot colors.

Colors are losing gender labels, such as being a “girly color” so that if a color appeals to you, wear it. Colors also have a multisensory appeal in that if we smell a certain scent, we think of a color. For 2019/20 the most popular colors include Chive, Orange Peel, earthy Cinnamon Stick, and mellow purple Grape Compote. For those days when you want no color, Brilliant White is perfect for a crisp, modern choice.

Boots and shoes

Bulky white sneakers and platform boots are on-trend, with square toes to add a stylish touch. Pointed-toe shoes are still on the catwalk, but the square-toe silhouette has made its mark for autumn for another look. Alternative looks include pretty print on boots, from delicately embroidered prints on ankle boots as well as bold blooms. If you have the patience, follow the lace-up-boot trend on knee-high boots or opt for ankle boots.


Nothing ‘elevates’ an outfit quite like statement earrings. A structural or whimsical earring in a bold color can give any outfit a pop of color. Opulent matching sets of necklace and earrings are on-trend at both Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana and Paco Rabanne for other ideas visit this page. For a more punk look, stacked piercings are on-trend this season, as well as oversized chain-link necklaces and neon bursts of color. 

Classic jewelry will always be in style, with gold chains, cameo rings, and pearls, either small and subtle or overstated, worn in several layers. 


Like shoes, a hat can add a polished look to any casual outfit. In addition, hats can cover up bad hair days and keep you looking trendy whether beanies during the colder months and cute floppy styles for warmer weather. Updated bucket hats or cloches are the perfect choices for those wanting for something new and stylish to spice up their autumn look. Bandanas can be worn as either top, a headband or a neck scarf, there is an unlimited number of ways to style a silk scarf. A Hermes style design is on point this through all of 2020. The padded headband from satin or velvet has come on-trend this season. 


Bags have grown this season into those that can actually hold more than just a couple of cards. Try a large plaid tote in yellow red and black, or a leather maxi bag. Fringe bags are also a popular look, either on a leather bag or a tie-dye crochet bag. Bags in animal prints, houndstooth, check, and exotic leather are also popular as are soft and quilted bags, and slouchy bags and two-in-one bags for every occasion. 


Blame it on Rocketman, but tiny sunglasses have now been replaced by extra-large retro shades in an aviator style in tortoiseshell. These large glasses are perfect for those of us who want to pretend to be a celebrity. Oversized connected lens, where one large lens extends to both eyes as seen in winter sports, have been on the catwalks for winter 2019 for an urban vibe. Even in unconventional shades like red or green oversized glasses on the fashion week runways showed how intimidating a large, dark lens can be when almost totally obscuring the face.

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