A 3-days Trip to Marrakech and Ourikka Valley

In Morocco, you will probably be landing in the red city, the beautiful and vibrant Marrakech. Realistically, If you are not a professional traveler, it is so hard that you could be able to get the long leave for holidays out. Keeping in view, get away to Marrakech is a perfect package you can have, either solo or with family. You can have wonderful memories to take back home and shall wish to travel to this magical destination again.Reading my experiences, reviews, and suggestions to the places I visited would give you a glimpse of the place and you can explore even more while on your Cheap Morocco Holidays.

Do You know about the delights of Marrakech? This city is the best host for the people coming from the outer world and the people not very known to the African Arab culture and their norms. Marrakech remains happy all the time and embraces you to make your time so beautiful.  It is a blend of modern times and old cultures to give you a unique taste of the very rich heritage and all the traditional newly made dishes.

There are two or three major places must visit in Marrakech which are of course the very famous Djemma el Fna, Chez Ali Fantasia, many amusement parks for the kids if you have along, A number of Museums. Remember, you will not forget to get into the little alleyways of old Medina, it would have tremendous experience of your Morocco trip. Morocco tastes well, I’m talking about its food. You will taste the ‘Lamb Tagine’ the very famous traditional Moroccan dish, the mouthwatering B’stilla, Couscous Soup and much more. for Something is missing? maybe the Mint tea, you will be offered the mint tea on every meal, that’s like a tradition there.

Your package doesn’t end here, you have to take a day trip from the vibrant Marrakech to the magical Ourikka Valley. That was the very picturesque drive we ever had experienced, not so far though. We could see the beautiful rocky villages and take a long fresh breath in the smooth Atlas hills environs. The lovable nature allows one to live with it for years, for us that was the best opportunity to hang out in the Ourikka Valley, it refreshes the brains who remains busy round the year. You will find the camels in a way to Ourikka, ride on them to experience the traditional African Arab culture and how they do in their daily routines. You will pay a little of this experience.

I found this part of the earth has some magic to enthrall the travelers all the time, it has a special energy to do so. While driving to Ourikka, you will get to the town of seven waterfalls, this is City Fatima. It is considered as a rural area having less population and beautiful sights, it is connected with the Major city Marrakech so have great importance.

Reaching in the Ourikka valley, you will be welcomed with the right temperature, soothing effect, and the beauties ready to be explored by you. You will find the multiple small local restaurants alongside the road offering you the homemade different types of Tagine dishes. To hike and gaze the beauties of the area first would be the best option to do. I crossed the river by walking on the Woodbridge made for a purpose. Going for the hike is recommended, let’s move to have a wonderful experience trekking in the panoramic Ourikka.

Listening to the sounds water makes while falling on rocks was the most fascinating   practice while adventuring climbing on the rocks along Waterfalls. I went to the small adventure but people who are used to of hiking should go long and see the unexplored places of the holiday destination. It was the shattering experience to see the unique things there. I ate the dish Tagine in Marrakech two days ago, the same Tagine dish I saw in a shop of Ourikka as a fountain called a Tagine fountain. See the picture of the fountain below, It is interesting.

You must be hungry after the hike and the tour to the small town. The restaurants are there to bring you many tastes of the same dish. I ordered the chicken and the vegetable mixed tagine. Other than that there are different types of tagine dishes you will be asked to opt for a unique taste. Eating Tagine and other dishes on the rivers beds is a heavenly experience one should have when in Morocco, especially in Ourikka. And imagine, you are sitting to have your lunch in a river bed, a slow Arabic African Music starts to give you a better environment. You will enjoy the moment I’m sure.

So When in Morocco, especially in a short trip to Marrakech, Don’t forget to visit the Ourikka Valley, that will give you the best time during your holidays in Morocco.

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