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Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes which beginners don’t know

If you are wearing a ring, even if it is your wedding ring, keep it away while you wash your car lest you may scratch your vehicle. That is one of the few fundamentals you should keep in mind.

Well, the car cleaning episode may sound simple if not silly, but a bit of science is involved in the exercise. Let us analyze the most do not believe in car washing, especially since you are a beginner. The word cleaning goes slightly further as ‘waxes to washes. Weird it may sound but amateurish car wash often finally ends up with more scratches and paint peeling unless of course, you put extra effort to avoid them.

Your patience and care are factors that make a regular car wash to a super car wash. Essentially you need a water hose, a few buckets, washing soap or liquid, clean microfiber clothes, etc.

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Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

1. The quality of soap is of prime importance.

Using dish soap or other household detergents should not be used for washing your car. Soaps are containing caustic chemicals which can affect the paint adversely. The alkaline percentage is the decisive factor. Try to use the mildest soap so as not to take away the waxes and even paint.

2. Avoid direct sunlight while washing your car.

Direct and robust sunlight will react chemically with the soap and the paint. Also depending on the heat of the sunshine, the soapy water will dry up before even you can rinse it off. Hence it is better to choose a shady place to wash your car. Also, you should allow plenty of space to work.

3.  You need a couple of buckets for perfect car washing

Never use the same bucket for soap and rinsing. You should use clean washing clothes, if at all a cloth falls off to the ground, clean it of dirt and muck before using for washing the car.

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4. Bottom-up is a better policy in car cleaning

You should clean the tires and wheels first. If you do not follow this tip, by all possibility, you will be splashing dirt ‘from the dirtiest parts of your vehicle onto freshly washed surfaces’. You should clean the soap and rinse buckets and start fresh after washing the tires, too.

5. Avoid drying of the car with the regular towel

Instead of using a regular towel, you should use an absorbent cloth to dry the vehicle. Always use clean supplies of clothes. Chamois or automotive drying towels are also recommended. It is common understanding to clean your car in a swirling/round motion, but it’s incorrect. When doing so, you are more likely to see scratches at different angles. So instead, you should pick a direction and stick to it. We recommend going from front to back. Front of the car, to the rear of the vehicle.

6. If you missed some parts initially

The usual tendency is to wipe any missed out section with the same drying towel. In case you notice any missing piece after the initial attempt, it is better to redo the washing. If you use a wiping towel instead, you are inviting to embed dirty particles into your paint and thereby scratching the surface.

car ceramic coating

7.  Applying wax or polish directly to the car’s exterior is harmful.

You should always use an applicator to apply wax and polish to the car body. Direct application of wax or polish would invite dark spots and uneven streaks. According to Automotive Expert Byran (Started Blog “Using ceramic coating, you can easily protect your car’s exterior or paint from UV rays, mud, dirt, etc”.

8. Moderate waxing is better

The natural tendency, especially with beginners, is to over wax. Just one coat is sufficient. Anything extra will be wiped away,

9. Polishing is a must for a better finish

Skipping the polishing is shared with users. This would make the entire exercise bit futile. =

10. Ammonia-based glass cleaner for the interior is a taboo.

The upholstery is sensitive to Ammonia. Ammonia can damage and discolor the interior of your car. Dash Gear microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal for the interiors.

Your car is expensive; maintaining it correctly is a must. You the do-it-yourself type of guy are spending some time and energy towards it is worth it. A kind of prewash is also recommended.


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