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10 Unique Vlogging Concepts to Blow Up Your Social Media Pages!

As a vlogger, you’re always looking for new inspiration to keep your channel fresh, interesting, and relevant to your followers. And you’re always looking out for Unique Vlogging Concepts.

Your audiences also visit your YouTube or Instagram pages every week, in search of new information, ideas, and inspiration. But keeping the spark alive can be challenging. 

Sometimes you may run out of fuel and find yourself losing the edge while developing newer content. That’s understandable but this is not a sustainable way to keep your vlog exciting and edgy. 

Here are 10 creative and Unique Vlogging concepts that can inspire new content, and help you keep it fresh, unique, and consumable. You can adapt them based on the theme of your vlog. And leverage tools like VideoCreek to create them in minutes. Creating a strong intro collage with tools like a YouTube Intro Maker also lends a professional touch.   

Top 10 Unique Vlogging Concepts

What’s In Your Handbag?

This is a popular concept with fashion vloggers. Though it can be adapted to multiple domains like personal finance, pet care, and travel. Visually it involves giving your audience a tour of your handbag, and its contents. You can either empty it out slowly or else fill it with items you’re trying to showcase. You can feature wallets, travel bags, totes, gym bags, pet care bags, and briefcases. Make sure the bag and its contents look great, and that the video is aesthetically shot. 

Survival Guide Videos 

This category of videos is a huge hit across domains. As they equip audiences to survive and thrive on the bare essentials,. Be it a budget, a camping trip, a fashion diet, cooking, and other themes. You can adapt it to your area of expertise. The idea is to inspire consumers ; to be able to derive joy and value by approaching something in the most frugal way. The lockdowns of 2020 have inspired many such videos – from spending fasts to cooking on a budget. 

My Favorite Things 

The popular Oprah series about her favorite things has inspired millions of vloggers to come out with their own editions. The beauty of this series is that it can be applied to almost any theme or topic. From my favorite stocks to invest in and fashion accessories, to books and recipes. You can get as specific as possible, and even make this a weekly or monthly feature. You can also leverage product plug-ins to monetize such a series. 

Compile Your Lists

This is also a super fun series where you feature a cluster of top and best options in a specific domain, together. From the best Kombucha brands and business mantras, to the top 10 habits for success and organic brands, this series works as a quick pick-me-up for millions of video consumers. It can be educational, informative, and discerning. Just make sure you compile the lists in an authentic way. If you feature any commercial products, do your due diligence and make sure they have your personal stamp of approval. 

Behind-The-Scenes Videos 

Today, consumers have a keen interest in understanding the inner workings of systems, businesses, and spaces. For example, consumers of sustainable products want to understand how the product is made, and whether the materials are ethically sourced, et al. They would love to hear how their favorite book or movie was made, how animal rescues take place, or how a popular influencer unwinds. Such glimpses can be inspiring, insightful, and energizing. 

Launch A Product Or Service 

Another great way to monetize your channel and create good content is to support new product or service launches in creative ways. Being as creative as possible by strengthening your storytelling is the key as you will be competing with other bloggers and vloggers, also using this format. You could share your own experiences with the product, or feature a follower’s interesting insights, or feature the creators of the product, especially if it is an up-and-coming brand. 

Curate A Tour 

During lockdown times, consumers are especially keen to watch tour videos. Could be a cool workspace, your kitchen, if say, you’re a chef, a community garden in your neighborhood, or even your local animal rescue shelter. Ensure that the space is aesthetically appealing, go deeper into the story behind it, and also get creative with the way in which you shoot and tell the story. 

Share Your Shopping Experiences  

Consumers are always looking to check out other people’s stash, whether it’s the latest edition of an iPhone, a limited edition of a luxury product, or even grocery shopping. Yes, people want to become savvy shoppers, understand how to snag new deals, and afford better value within their budgets, no matter how big or small it is. Thousands of home chefs around the world take viewers along with them on their shopping trips, and it creates great engagement as well as interest in the markets where they shop. 

Partner With Other Vloggers  

Magic happens when vloggers collaborate! This journey brings together ideas, inspiration, and creativity in an exciting, energizing way. For example, a zero-waste lifestyle vlogger could collaborate with a vegan chef, to bring zero-waste, cruelty-free cooking to their collective audiences. Not only will you be able to gain new followers through this experience, but you will also be able to create more value for your own followers. 

Teach What You Know!

We all have skills and knowledge on some subjects that are the envy of others. For example, if you excel at Excel, a tutorial on how to do monthly budgets using this tool can help a lot of consumers develop a new skill, and also get savvy about their finances. Tutorial series is a hit, especially if you communicate in a way that’s easy-to-consume, relatable, and simple for a wide range of followers. This is also a great way to monetize your channel by plugging products relevant to your content. For example, you can partner with Canva to do a graphic design tutorial for small brand owners. 

Unique Vlogging Concepts
Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Making videos for YouTube and other social channels are fun if you keep experimenting and trying new approaches. You can enhance the journey with collaborations, celebrations, spotlights, and other creative concepts. The key is to make it fun for yourself and never settle for the easy way out! Click for more info.

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