Things To Do While On A Trip To Udaipur And Jaipur

Rajasthan is one of the top trending tourist states in India. Tourists from far off continents and nations come here to see a distinct yet interesting side of India. The majestic land of Rajasthan delights every visitor with its grand hill forts, beautiful palaces, rich traditions and amazing art.

Udaipur and Jaipur are among the main cities of Rajasthan which people usually love to explore. It’s fame is quite obvious with the fact that Beyonce visited Udaipur for her concert. These two destinations are famous enough to be a part of every Rajasthan tour package.  So, let’s tell you the things which can make your tour to Jaipur and Udaipur even more exciting!

Things to do in Udaipur

Popularly known as ‘The Venice of East’, the beauty of Udaipur is incomparable to any other city of entire India. The spectacular palaces and forts built amidst the lake are enough to give you a dream world feeling. Udaipur not only gives a visual treat but, also offers numerous engaging activities to the visitors! Some of the main activities are here:


  • Take a Sunset Boat ride on Lake Pichola:

Lake Pichola


Among all the lakes of Udaipur, the first lake which anyone would notice is the Lake Pichola. And why not? After all, it’s the biggest lake in the city. The grandeur of this lake can be known from the four Islands that are situated in the lake.

Take a boat ride on Lake Pichola at the time of sunset to enjoy breath-taking views. The reflection of the fading sun in the lake makes it more alluring. Spot all the main islands from your boat and take their snaps!


  • Go for Nature Photography at Saheliyo ki Bari Garden:

Saheliyo ki Bari


Saheliyo ki Bari tops the list when talking about the famous gardens of Udaipur. Also known as the Garden of Maidens, this place displays the natural beauty accompanied by intricately constructed mountains and marble sculptures.

This picturesque location is perfect for any photo-shoot or simple nature photography. So, grab your camera and pose in a royal style to complement the structures.


  • Ride the Ropeway to Enjoy the Aerial Views:

ropeway ride udaipur


The ropeway ride is the best activity to admire the views of the entire lake city from a height. People take this scenic ride for reaching the famous Karni Mata Temple. The cable car ride is very affordable in Udaipur.

Adventurous people never miss the chance to see the aerial views of Udaipur. It is safe for families as kids as well. We bet you will surely love this exciting and fun-filled activity in Udaipur.


  • Go for the Traditional Shopping Spree:

Traditional Shopping Spree


Rajasthan has lots of options to charm the shopaholics. Same goes with Udaipur when it comes to shopping. Just visit the colourful shops of Hathi Pol Bazar and buy whatever you like!

This market is famous for beautiful souvenirs, artefacts, special miniature paintings of Udaipur and many more attractive things. And hey, don’t miss the fun of bargaining. The people are very friendly, and you can get all the things at reasonable prices here!


  • Learn the 300-year-old Leather Art:

Leather Art udaipur


If you are looking to learn something creative then, opt for the leather classes in Udaipur. Not many people know that Udaipur is a hub of original animal leather for ages.

Create your own antique art piece with leather and learn to make various artefacts like the leather diaries or leather wallets! Flaunt your leather accessory as you get back from the trip!

Things to do in Jaipur

The pink city of Jaipur holds every reason to amaze the travellers! From the pink houses to beautiful forts and from fun-packed activities to amazing folks, you can experience it all in Jaipur! Let’s know about the best activities of Jaipur:


  • Go for Cycling at Nahargarh Fort:

Nahargarh Fort


Get ready to paddle through the royal paths of Nahargarh Fort. This place is best for cycling expeditions due to its fusion of Indian and European architecture. This cycle ride will be different from all your previous rides surely! After a long cycle ride, enjoy the views of the entire city while having a scrumptious meal at the terrace restaurant of the fort.


  • Enjoy Elephant ride at Amer Fort:

Amer Fort


Do you want to feel like a king or queen while exploring the Amer Fort? If yes, then the elephant ride is your thing! Pass through the huge gateways and cobbled paths while sitting on a decorated big elephant! Don’t forget to capture the snaps of Rajput style elephant ride.


  • Know the Rajasthani Culture at Chokhi Dhani:

Chokhi Dhani


Chokhi Dhani is a cultural village resort which exemplifies the Rajasthani Culture and Traditions to full extent. It usually remained flocked with tourists who come here to have an entire Rajasthani cultural experience.

You can enjoy plenty of activities like Rajasthani folk performances, puppet shows, magic shows, camel rides, acrobatics, boating and much more. View the performances while eating yummy Rajasthani food in the open air restaurant!


  • Experience the Dazzling Nightlife of Jaipur:

Experience the Dazzling Nightlife of Jaipur


Jaipur is the best city of Rajasthan for all the party lovers. The vibrant nightlife of this city allows you to party all night! It is a hub of popular nightclubs as this city believes in celebrating every night with the same enthusiasm. So, move on the beats without thinking about anything else. Myriad of cocktails will add a new spark into your party!


  • Indulge in Rajasthani Festivities:

rajasthani festivities


The festivities of Jaipur are as vibrant as the nightlife! Enjoy some folk festivals with the locals of Jaipur such as Gangaur, Teej, Kite festival and Dhulandi festival. Compete with your buddies while flying kites near the picturesque Man Sagar Lake! See the colourful celebrations of Holi from the city tour bus or walk down from the bus to get your face smeared with various colours. All the festivals will make you love the city more!

So, make your Rajasthan Trip memorable with these super awesome activities. You can buy a Rajasthan tour package for a hassle-free trip. Have fun!

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