Things That All Men Should Know Before Buying Panties

First, they are not divided into rolls and boxers. There are many more to choose from. One of the most beautiful things in a man’s life is to go to a large clothing store and buy shorts in a package of three. A pleasant experience is finding a larger combo that exceeds that number or that complements with some basic shirts.

What Men Should Know Before Buying Panties

With such a spotlight, we can understand how and why men grow, develop, and be educated for quick decision making. But don’t confuse this sentence, it doesn’t mean simplicity or simplicity to choose. In fact, the male gender is very complicated when choosing underwear, although it seems the only effort is to take a package of underwear in the supermarket and throw it into the cart. For samples, just visit the lingerie department at the department store or note the amount of time some men spend to check the package specifications that have caught their attention.

One thing in buying panties is comfort and the other is sensuality. And men should not be fought for with the latter; According to the survey, women are very interested in subjects in shorts or moderate, while gay men are more interested in men who not only use certain pieces but also experiment with designs. Watch what you need.

You should not wear tight underwear. More than infertility problems and problems that we will discuss later, just because this reduces mobility and you can know when you are walking. It’s recommended to use men’s incontinence underwear in this case.

Contrary to popular belief, rolls or some more structured models do not reduce your sperm count. However, excessive heat trapped in the testicular area is not; Which brings us to the next point: what fabric you should buy to care for your penis and testicles.

Polyester underwear is not porous and does not allow the skin to breathe. The same applies to other synthetic or silk fabrics, which limit sperm count due to excessive heat in the area. The problem is not having your genitals held in one place with pants or trunks, but not using cotton or other material that allows your groin to breathe. If you don’t pay attention to it, you can cause an infection or irritation which will be very uncomfortable.

This does not mean that even, for “better ventilated”, you can go without clothes in a lifetime. Although this is a recommended exercise for sleep, this is not for the rest of the day. Imagine all afternoon enduring the friction of a zipper on your penis, denim on your testicles, that a few drops of urine or lubricant leaked (for whatever reason) and that there is no support for it …

The main function of underwear is to protect our genitals, either as a barrier or as clothing that is able to absorb the moisture it produces. You also need to know what functions you will do, where you will go during your week, and based on that, choose your best option. For example, good pants will give you unnecessary mobility and zero bulks when you wear formal pants, as well as greater stability when doing sports.

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