Online Dating: How to Detect a Scammer

Unfortunately, in one way or another, we all have encountered scammers on the Internet. In online dating, this problem is especially relevant. Every day, many people visit various dating sites or download mobile applications in order to find friends, suitable partners for a long-term relationship, or soul mates. With the growing demand for such sites, the number of fraudsters in this industry is also growing exponentially. Scammers also work on improving their scams. Thus, today they often focus on implementing long-term scam scenarios.

How can you detect an online dating scammer?

In light of this, if you are planning to search for a partner online, it is important to pay attention to the profiles of your new online friends. You see, scammers often have non-standard profiles. Those differences may have various forms. For example, a fraudster may have a small number of photographs or photographs taken with poor-quality equipment, which may indicate that these photographs are no longer relevant or even real. And even if a person provides their photos, they can be old, which is generally not too dangerous, but it can turn out pretty unpleasant when you meet this person in reality

Also, you should be very cautious if you see that your online partner has a profile filled only with professional photos. Yes, everyone wants to show themselves in a better light, when it comes to dating, but real people never fill their accounts only with professional photos, because this makes them look unrealistic. Remember, no one is ideal or perfect. With that in mind, you need to know that there are ways to check all photos of your online partner. The first and simplest way is to use Google to check their photos. By doing that, you will know who and when also posted those photos. And the second way, also it is the most precise one, you should ask your partner to send you a special photo. For example, you ask him or her to take a picture with a piece of paper with special text on it or ask your partner to take a photo in a special pose. If your partner had previously easily sent you photographs but for some reason refused you now, the chances are very high that you have met a scammer.

Another sign is that this person’s account doesn’t have any links to other various profiles on social networks and platforms, because quite often people promote their Instagram accounts on their other pages because no one will mind getting as many subscribers as possible. In this case, you can do the same as in the previous one: ask the person for links to his or her accounts on other social networks. It is a good sign if your partner agrees to share the necessary links. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee you that this person is not a scammer, because those profiles and accounts may also be fakes, so stay watchful and careful.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your partner country of registration and country of desired partners, because it is also quite common among scammers that they are looking for an interlocutor, friend or soul mate while being in a completely different region or country. In this case, they claim that they work. For example, the say that they serve in the military or will claim that they study. It is fine if you are okay with long-distance relationships. Yes, surely, you can visit each other, but this symptom, together with one of the ones that we mentioned earlier, increases the chances that you have met a scammer.

As you can see, online dating is not only the easiest way to find a good partner online, but also one of the easiest way to become a victim of some cold-hearted fraudster. So, apart from using only trustworthy websites, such as jump4lovescam, pay attention to the profiles of your online partners, because in an online dating profile is the only thing that you know and can see about this or that person. Plus, don’t neglect online voice and video chats, normal people will be glad to know more about a person whom they are talking to, while scammers will at any cost try to avoid having a voice or video chat with you.

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