5 SEO Competitor Analysis Tools To Outrank Your Competitors

Your competitors can be a goldmine of data that can educate each part of your marketing and ignite your website’s traffic.

To beat the opposition, you should keep an eye on your competitors’ each advertising move. For this, you need to follow competitors’ search rankings, content, social media, messages or emails, and whatever else they do to enhance their business’s image. Using Competitor Analysis Tools is one of the best ways to get that edge. Read the details below.

Why Competitor Analysis Tools?

Knowing how to break down your SEO rivalry is an essential approach in deciding your generic keyword and SEO strategy.

The uplifting news, though? There are a huge amount of competitive intelligence tools out there to help you rapidly and productively evaluate how to build up against your best competitors.

Furthermore, with the correct tools on the table, you can spend fewer efforts dredging up your competitors and additional time actually marketing.

As opposed to investing excessive energy endeavoring to keep an eye on your competitors, why not let some intelligent tools do the legwork for you?

5 Competitor Analysis Tools

For best competitive intelligence, stack these SEO tools to your marketing deck:

1 – SEMRush 

SEMRush stands out amongst the most popular and widely used SEO tool, however, its competitor analysis features set them apart from the pack. First of all, you can utilize SEMRush to pull your competitor’s backlinks and track changes in their rankings.

Key Features:

– Domain-specific keyword ranking

– Competitor research

– Domain research

– Advertising Research

– AdSense

– Site Audit

– SEMrush line graph and pie chart

– Find Long Tail keywords

With everything taken into account, SEMrush is an astonishing tool that can give an excess of data to anybody hoping to improve their site, locate the most beneficial keywords to target, as well as reveal heaps of data about their competitors.

2 – Alexa

Alexa permits screening global traffic of your own and competitor sites. “Data is power,” and Alexa is one of those must-have tools that you can use to change information into a competitive edge for your business.

If you have the Moz toolbar, it will demonstrate to you any site’s Alexa ranking. It gives you a chance to keep an eye on your competitors’ backlinks, keywords, traffic, and other important metrics.

Key Features:

– Keyword Difficulty Tool

-Competitor Keyword Matrix

-On-Page SEO Checker

-Competitor Backlink Checker

-SEO Audit Tool

-Audience Overlap Tool

-Site Comparisons

-Website Traffic Statistics

3 – AHREFs

Ahrefs is reliably recorded as one of the best SEO tools in the market. Its essential focus is to analyze content, and you can use this tool to break down competitor keywords (natural and PPC), backlinks, traffic insights and more.

Discover which pages on your competitor’s site are getting the most backlinks, social likes and shares, and traffic, by running the ‘Top Pages’ reports. Or dive more profoundly into their connection/link profiles with Site Explorer.

With 192 billion pages in Ahrefs database, they have the biggest record of backlinks on the web.

Key Features:

– Site Explorer

-Target keyword explorer

-Content Explorer

-SEO Toolbar

-Domain Comparative Analysis

4 – Spyfu 

SpyFu offers keen suggestions that drive leads to the business’ SEO or Adwords campaigns for more powerful advertising.

It lists down the paid keywords that your competitors are targeting, as well as the organic keywords so that it helps you in improvising your SEO strategy. Different companies also use this tool for their analysis.

Tools are available to screen paid and SEO rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These tools enable users to export keywords file into their own particular AdWords account. SpyFu offers SEO tools and reporting software that analyzes organic searches to competitors, distinguishing top metrics and also territories for development.

Key Features:

– Domain Searches

– Keyword Searches

– Backlink Searches

– In-depth SEO reports

– In-depth Adwords advisor reports

– API Access

5 – Similar web

Similarweb is a far-reaching tool for both content and SEO. The tool helps you investigates your competitor’s content and where their traffic originates from.

For instance, you can decide a site’s referral traffic and similarly where a site winds up sending its users.

Similarweb offers its users the knowledge of both their own particular and competitor’s site traffic stats; referral sources, including thematic and thorough keyword research; and site “stickiness” (e.g. bounce rates, page views), etc.

Key Features:

– Website Data ( Traffic, referrals, etc)

– Keyword Research Tool

– Keyword Comparative Analysis(Organic and PPC)

– Google Analytics “not provided” and “not set” keywords

– Visual charts and graphs for KPIs

– Email and social media traffic reports

– Data from Google Play and Apple App store

Competitive intelligence is a crucial part of your constantly evolving SEO strategy. By using the aforementioned competitor analysis tools, you can run your analysis rapidly and invest more energy and focus in your own efforts to outrank your competitors. Neglecting any aspect of your competitor’s approach might fail you.

If there is any tool which you have used and benefited you in any prospect, you can let us know. Pour your comments below and help others too by letting them know about your experience!

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