How to Activate A Sim Card for A Smartwatch?

Nowadays, smartwatches have nearly similar functions, like smartphones. They have the capabilities of phone tracking using Bluetooth and can send and receive texts. There are varieties of smartwatches available with cellular connectivity features such as BlueTooth and Sim Card. Depending on the individual preferences, you can either put a regular Sim Card in your smartphone or get the eSim option in the smartwatch. 

Most importantly you can use these Smartwatches that can send and receive texts on after eSim activation. As you know, you will need to know the insertion and activation process for the Sim Card for your smartwatch to function. Most people are not familiar with these processes. Worry not. This article is going to provide detailed information about the procedures.

How to Insert Sim Card into Smartwatch?

Before activating the sim card, you will first need to insert it. First of all, you need to know where the sim card is located on the device before inserting it. If the sim card is located at the back panel, you need to open the rear panel, which is a simple job. Therefore, you will need a screwdriver or thin plastic depending on the type of watch to open the back panel. If the screws are on the rear panel, ensure you remove them. 

Notably, remove the back panel using the plastic or flat object. Also, ensure the golden chip is facing downwards as you insert the sim card into the provided slot. After completing the entire above, switch on the device after inserting the screws and closing the back panel.

On the other hand, if the sim card slot is on the side panel of the device, start by opening the lid or rubber and pull the sim card slot tray out. This opening may be hard at the beginning but will slowly get simple. 

Place the sim card on the shelf while facing upwards then put the plate back to the side panel. Having completed, switch on the device after closing the lid. If the device is inserted correctly, the smartwatch will display the connectivity of the network. Now move to the activation process.

How to Activate Sim Card for a Smartwatch?

Once you have inserted the sim card well in the device, you will need to follow to activate the sim card on your smartwatch.

Download App that is compatible with Smartwatch

First, start by downloading the application on your phone linked with your smartphone and install it. But before downloading the application, ensure it is compatible with the device’s operating system. Once you confirm that, search the application on the app store or play store. Notably, accept the terms and conditions of the application then take a step of downloading it.

Contact Mobile Carrier Provider to Ask for  New eSim Link

You must contact the mobile carrier provider, which is usually the first step for the activation of the sim card. Besides, the nation offers many mobile carriers. You can call any mobile network service provider in your smartwatch and ask for a new eSim link. Then, on the smartphone, copy and paste the URL sent by the service provider.

Fill Sim Card Information and Put OTP Digits

Continue by entering the details of the Sim Card after the browser opens. Notably, accept the terms and conditions once you have finished filling the information. You will move to the next page and put 6 OTP digits, which will be sent to your device. You are now ready to go once you have entered the numbers. Restart the smartwatch to complete the process since some smartwatches may need you to restart the device.


To sum up, the activation of a sim card in your smartphone is essential. Therefore, before you activate it, ensure your smartphone is fully charged to prevent interruption of the whole process. The above-listed process will guide you to insert and activate your smartphone correctly. 

You can use many apps if you have network communication smartwatches. Also, you can make calls without connecting your smartwatch with your smartphone with 4G LTE connectivity. Hopefully, this article will help you to achieve your Sim Card insertion and activation of your smartwatch.

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