Why You Should Rent a Car in Trivandrum

Traveling is a wonderful experience that helps one connect to their surroundings and themselves beautifully. It can bring harmony and peace to your life and take you on adventures you didn’t know exist. 

Of all the places, Kerala: God’s own country is one of the most exquisite places to visit in South India. It is filled with beaches and hill-stations that will make you feel like you truly are in paradise. Trivandrum is one city in Kerala that can give you the best of the Malayali way and sights to remember for lifetimes. 

Trivandrum is a beautiful city and the capital of Kerala. Its blissful culture, rich heritage, and breath-taking hills and beaches attract thousands of tourists every year. The Padmanabha Swamy temple, beaches of Kovalam, backwaters of Poovar, beautiful tracks of Ponmudi make Trivandrum a spectacle of sightseeing.

The cultural spaces in Trivandrum are closely incorporated with natural spaces, making every little walk to every journey in and around the city a burst of expressions and emotions.

Traveling to a new place can still be daunting or cumbersome to many. But why should it be? You can simply rent a car in Trivandrum and experience hassle-free travel!  

Reasons to rent a car

When in a new place, you will not want to spend most of your time communicating and trying to explain to multiple cabbies or bus conductors what your plan for the day is. You may be tired after a long day, and having to wait for your ride before getting back to your hotel is more tiring and may bitter your experience. 

Many tourists also face common problems like lack of safety and scams. There are one too many stories out there of how local transporters have swindled or robbed tourists. These are not issues that anyone would want to deal with, much less when you’re in a foreign land.

Why deal with these tiny yet impacting nuisances? You can simply rent a car in Trivandrum and avail amazing services like:

• Rent a cab or drive it yourself

Rentals give you the option of choosing for a car with or without a driver. If, for many reasons, you don’t want to drive or put the effort in to find the routes of a new place, you can get a driver to take you everywhere. If you enjoy driving through scenic routes and want your privacy and complete freedom, rent a car without a driver. Either way, you don’t have to spend your precious time haggling and trying to explain your schedule to multiple drivers. Your fixed driver will take you to wherever you want without asking you troubling questions or nagging you to pay extra for waiting.

 • Flexible pick-up and drop points

You can decide where you board your car and where you leave it. If you have a driver, he will take the car back to the holding, and if you don’t, someone will come to pick it up! 

• Affordable

Cabs are usually very expensive, especially for a foreigner. You can pick a car within your budget and cruise around for a fixed and affordable price and at zero deposit rates, knowing you aren’t frivolously spending money on transportation. You can also choose between petrol and diesel cars, which will ensure that you can stick to budget no matter how far you travel.

• Zero Deposit

Cab rentals traditionally charge a bomb for the rental deposit, a price that makes you unwilling to even consider it as an option. Today, there are few great car rental brands that charge you zero deposit upfront and only have you pay for the distance you’ve covered, based on the car you choose.

• Complete transparency

You get complete transparency about the costs and pricing. There are no hidden charges, and extra taxes levied at the last moment. You pay exactly how much you agreed on and nothing more. 

Safety and Hygiene

Car rentals are completely safe and have security alerts to ensure your complete safety. After each use, a car is cleaned, washed, and sanitized thoroughly. The driver who drops your car off is temperature checked and clad with protective masks and gear to ensure thorough sanitization of the car. 

Don’t put your travel plans on halt; get out there, see nature and wildlife, culture and heritage, peace and calm, and experience the joys and pleasures of life. Simply Rent a car in Trivandrum and enjoy yourself to the fullest with no worry or care!

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