4 Age-Related Problems and Methods for Solving Them

Did you ever consider what exactly shows a woman’s age? We are not talking about laugh lines or crow’s-feet. There are some barely noticeable signs that confirm the real age of a woman. But many of these signs can be fixed and smoothed out in the shortest period of time. In this article, we will tell you about four age-related problems and methods for solving them.

Age-related problems and their solutions

1. Worn teeth

There are a lot of reasons why our teeth begin to look worse with age. Over the years, we eat, gnaw, and bite food of different hardness, which leads to wear on the front teeth. In addition to this, our tooth enamel becomes darker because of the darker dentin that shows through the thinned enamel layer. You can do the following in order to fix this:


You can change the color and shape of your teeth with the help of veneers Brooklyn. These thin plates are able to completely overlap the teeth and last for a long time. Another option is dental bonding where the tooth surface is covered with tooth-colored materials. Bonding is much cheaper than veneers, but it lasts for approximately four years.

Perform teeth whitening

There are a lot of teeth whitening kits that you can use at home. But it is much safer to perform the tooth whitening procedure at the dentist’s office.

2. Thin neck skin

You can notice vertical ridges on the neck because the skin had lost its elasticity and the fatty layer that softened the neck. Those ridges are most noticeable when you speak. You can do the following in order to fix this:


When you are going out, you can apply a thick layer of moisturizer in order to plump up the skin.

If you have very dry skin, cover your neck with olive oil and leave it for the night. A good neck cream can also rejuvenate the skin and guard it against the sun.

Long hair can help

A lot of women are cutting their hair short when they reach a certain age. The haircut cascade or simple shoulder-length hair are the best options to hide those neck wrinkles.

3. Dry elbows

There is a lot of circumstances that lead to the fact that your elbows turn into circle-like ridges around a spot of grayish flaky skin. When its elasticity decreases over time, the skin around your elbows grows and the tips of your elbows become darker because layers of dead skin begin to build up. You can do the following in order to fix this:

Revive the skin

Collagen can help to renew the skin on dry elbows. The best way out is to use lotions that contain Vitamin A, alpha hydroxy acids, or glycolic acids.

Try three-quarter sleeves

If you are not eager to show your elbows, you can wear clothes with three-quarter sleeves. But it is better to choose natural fabrics or kimono sleeves for summer.

4. Scanty eyebrows

It seemed like a few years ago you had bushy brows but now there are only a few hairs. So what happened? Age-related hormonal changes and years of tweezing are to blame. You can do the following in order to fix this:

Try to keep what’s left

Stop tweezing or waxing your brows at least for a while. When they grow a little, make an appointment with a brow specialist in order to shape your brows.

Use makeup

A brow pencil that is a bit lighter than the brows can give them missing completeness. But it is better to draw little hairs-like lines instead of one long line. After that, blend your brows with the spiral brush and use a brow gel to fix them in place.

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