What Is Anti-Age Dentistry?

Our smile plays a big role in our overall appearance. There are many dental issues that can cause facial imperfections. If you have any dental problems that are affecting your appearance, continue reading to see how you can solve the problem.

Tooth Color

Usually, our tooth color becomes yellow or gray with age. The reason is that over the years, the outer layer of tooth enamel is erased and the dentin layer, which has a yellow color, starts to show. As a result, our teeth become darker. But there are many other factors contributing to this process.

Improper oral hygiene is the main cause of tooth discoloration. Plaque and food particles need to be removed from the surface of the teeth. It is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day and doing so for at least 3-5 minutes each time.

Teeth can also turn yellow if you like strong coffee, rich black tea, Coca-Cola or red wine. The teeth of smokers usually become gray. Teeth color can change due to injury or in the presence of serious diseases in which enamel and dentin are affected. Often the teeth become dark gray after taking antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline at an early age (up to 8 years).

Try to brush your teeth regularly, do not forget to use dental floss after eating. If the color of the teeth is far from pure white, you should consult with your doctor and together with him/her consider the methods of teeth whitening.

Incorrect Tooth Lenth, the Presence of Cracks

anti-aging dental treatments

Such a problem as bruxism or grinding teeth in humans is pathological and caused by age. Human teeth don’t grow throughout life like a rabbit’s teeth. As a result, stowed teeth become hypersensitive and most vulnerable to tooth decay. Moreover, after reducing the length of teeth, the bite changes and it leads to negative cosmetological consequences such as sagging of the cheeks, the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

Today there are enough techniques to restore the aesthetics of dentition. The most economical way is to restore teeth with the help of composite materials of a new generation.

However, there is a more effective but more expensive option – installing veneers that can fix several defects that cause discomfort: you can achieve the natural snow-white tint to the teeth, correct the teeth length, and also remove the gaps between the teeth. Veneers will also help restore chipped teeth and correct small curvature. This way you can get a real “Hollywood smile.” It is better to put ultra-thin veneers, for the installation of which it’s not needed to grind the teeth.


Bite, or occlusion is how the teeth of the upper and lower jaws close. At a young age, an overbite does not cause significant discomfort, although it can cause headaches and back problems. But in more mature age, the wrong bite can lead to more serious consequences, both physiological and cosmetological. Most people do not even realize that the incorrect bite causes the appearance of asymmetry of the face, as well as manifestations of early signs of aging – deterioration of the facial contours, the appearance of nasolabial and labial creases, omission of the corners of the mouth, and thinning of the lips.

If the upper jaw “pushes” the lower jaw back, then the lower third of the face decreases, therefore, the muscles experience excessive tension. Since the lower third of the face is the most active, premature formation of nasolabial folds and wrinkles occurs, and the normal profile of the face becomes deformed. Pricking fillers or doing a tightening, in this case, is not rational since the effect of these procedures will not last long.

In this situation, neuromuscular dentistry can solve the problem. Technically, the principle of the method is to return the upper and lower jaw to the anatomically correct position relative to each other and erase the memory of the muscles about their previous position. Thus, correcting the bite, you will also get the long-lasting effect of a non-surgical facelift. Transparent mouthguards and a special orthotic device can also help to solve the problem of an improper bite.

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