Deadpool 2 is arriving – Deadpool 2 new Trailer is here!

Deadpool 2 new trailer gives us a more action-packed and comedic view of the upcoming movie. The fans of the previous movie were waiting wholeheartedly for the new movie. But after the release of the new Deadpool trailer, people have mixed views. Mostly positive, but some negative comments towards the new trailer.

As the whole Deadpool franchise actually focuses on a particular audience rather than all ages. This allows Deadpool movies to have that twisted humor which in some cases can be a little gross or not pleasing to the stomach for some people. ‘We‘ are not one of those people. As a long time fan of the Deadpool character, it is actually a dream come true to see one of our favorite comic characters on the big screen.

The new Deadpool movie has a lot of major upgrades. Deadpool 2 cast, for instance, has evolved and new characters have been added in this new era of stupendous humor. The angry Deadpool 2 cable character might be the most serious villain ever, but with the quick wit and amazingly gross yet charming Deadpool personality, the Deadpool 2 villain had to be some sort of a father figure to keep the balance in the movie.

The Deadpool 2 IMDb rating as of right now is unknown because that is only possible after the movie is released, duh.
But what you can find on IMDB is the list the cast list, trailer and a few other posters and stuff. Speaking of posters, here are some amazing Deadpool 2 posters for your eyes to feast upon…


Apart from the Awesome villain ‘Cable’ there is also an addition to the Deadpool friends list or the team that Deadpool refers to X force. These new additions in the Deadpool 2 cast can be seen in the trailer below. The most prominent among these is the Deadpool 2 domino character.  Which also has a history in the comics as she first appeared in The New Mutants #98 (February 1991). This one had a long pause and its good to see some old chaps coming back in these marvel movies.

Apart from her, What we loved in the new trailer is the return of our beloved cab driver. Who seems to have a significant role in this new movie, which is awesome. In the very first scene of the trailer, we can see him saving Deadpool’s life. So maybe the guy also has some unrealized superpowers apart from the epic cab driving skills. Right now we can only make assumptions based on the Deadpool 2 new trailer and the old ones. We can only wait to see what happens after the Deadpool 2 full movie comes out.

Deadpool 2 new trailer

Deadpool 2 older trailers (trailer 1, Cable, Etc)


The Deadpool Franchise actually have a lot more to offer than just Deadpool as we can see in the Deadpool 2 new trailer. Some old Marvel characters are returning or rather making their first ever appearance on TV. And Deadpool himself is recruiting characters from old comics, although he might not really be qualified to do that. However, in the coming future we can hope to see some more characters in the Deadpool movies and who knows maybe a crossover between Deadpool and the Xmen.

Not these smaller teenage type  Xmen but the proper famous ones. In the upcoming X men movie. As Deadpool really originated from there. But it doesn’t really matter where Deadpool originated from, what matters is the style. Or rather the spunk and humor of Deadpool which attracts people to go and watch a really ugly looking superhero. As truly Deadpool is kind of a lone wolf in that category of being a really funny and psychotic superhero who really do makes human-like mistakes sometimes.

The output or result of Deadpool’s mistakes is sometimes hilarious, sometimes disastrous but still hilarious.
And we hope to see more of that in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie.

And also, This is a really long shot but maybe Deadpool can crossover in the Marvel’s Avengers too. Although Deadpool will look pretty useless in the Marvels Avengers Infinity War. But they do have the Black widow, and Deadpool is way cooler than her. So, maybe.


Some Deadpool merch…



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