What’s the Secret of Celebrities’ Smiles?

When you look at movie stars, singers or supermodels, their perfect snow-white teeth are a dream of any average person. Do you think they were born with such gorgeous teeth? Of course not, it’s the work of dentists – an expensive, scrupulous and committed work the result of which is totally worth it, because those teeth really look like natural ones. But there’s a little secret there – dental veneers.

Today, everybody can have such teeth – money is all you need for this. Veneers or lumineers are simple decisions for any cosmetic problem that makes us feel shy to smile. They cover all the imperfections of our natural teeth. Lumineers and dental veneers look very natural and no one can tell there is something artificial in your mouth.

What to Choose?

If you think that you really need a smile like the superstars have, you need to know the difference between veneers and lumineers. Veneers need the surface of your teeth to be trimmed and it’s not very good. A tooth without the enamel has more risks to be damaged, this is why an option that maximally preserves your body tissues is always more preferable.

However, this ability affects the price too, so lumineers are a more expensive option. They aren’t available for everyone because if you have certain problems with your oral health, they won’t be effective. These are:

  • Bruxism (uncontrolled teeth grinding that happens at night when you sleep)
  • Abnormally fast wear of the dental enamel
  • Malocclusion
  • Severe tooth decay

If your front teeth are very dark, lumineers are also not an option. They are much thinner that veneers and there are chances that your natural color of teeth will still be seen through them. In such cases, you should prefer veneers or aesthetic crowns.

Speaking about the last two contraindications, they can be corrected. After the decay treatment or orthodontic teeth straightening you will be able to have the smile of your dreams. If it still won’t be an option, there are other ways to improve the looks of your teeth.

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How Badly Do You Need Them?

Of course, our smile is the most important part of the first impression people have about us. This is really important in our society. You can try to keep up with celebrities or Insta models if you have enough money, but will this solve your personal problems with self-esteem?

If you really have significant aesthetic defects, it’s important to correct them. But if the defect is slight and barely seen, is it even worth thinking about? We’re not saying you shouldn’t correct it, but maybe you also need to be kinder to yourself?

The beauty industry is very aggressive today. It causes stress and loss of confidence in many of those who don’t look like celebrities. But each of us deserves to be loved, appreciated and is important no matter how many defects his or her teeth have.

Use the opportunities modern cosmetic dentistry provides, work on yourself to look and feel better, but never forget that your appearance doesn’t define who you are. Always love yourself and have positive motivation for everything you do with your body.

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