Best Pilates Machines You Must Use This Year

Pilates is the most popular group of exercises in the field of health and fitness. The Pilates exercises can help you strengthen your core; improve the balance and flexibility in your body. Due to the plethora of benefits, they offer more and more people have started doing Pilates to gain a slim and toned body.

One can do the Pilates exercises on a mat or machines known as Pilates reformers. If you prefer using the Pilates machines, you need to know about them to get the results soon. Let us check in this post some of the best Pilates machines that can offer you the faster results.

Best Pilates Machines 2019

Best Pilates Machines 2019

Balanced Body Pilates Reformer

Balanced Body is easy to use-machine that offers smooth movements equipped with springs for good progressive resistance. You can adjust its ropes using the nautical cam cleats. It has three headrest positions that are adjustable. The whole frame is made up of aluminium which makes it lightweight.

The best things about the balanced body reformer that makes it best Pilates machine is its telescopic frame. Users can extend the reformer to its full length for using it and can fold it to a minimum size for storage. Another benefit of Balanced Body Pilates Reformer is that it has no stand, which means, it lies directly on the floor.

Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 556 / XP 557

Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 556 is a Pilates reformer machine that is a complete line of high-end Pilates machines. Users can elevate the machine to the more than a foot according to their convenience of exercise. The machine comes with a carriage with wheels that helps users to move it easily across the room. Also, it comes with a pack of two DVDs which shows over 100 workouts to the users.

The second version of Stamina AeroPilates is Pro XP 557 that differs from XP 556 in some ways. The key difference between the two machines is that XP 556 has elastic cords while the XP 557 comes with springs. Also, the XP 557 is 3.5 inches longer than the XP 556 and has a bigger cardio rebounder and wooden frame.

Bayou Total Trainer Pilates Pro Reformer Home Gym

The Total Trainer is the complete home gym that offers you to perform a wide range of exercises at home. It comprises the attachments for various workouts such as a biceps curl bar, ab crunch strap, pushup bar, pull up bar, squat board and a power weight bar. All these features make the Total Trainer Pilates Pro Reformer a value for money machine.

Pilates Power Gym Pro 3 Elevation mini Reformer

Many people want a Pilates reformer for their home buy many of them don’t buy due to the lack of space in their home. Pilates Power Gym Pro 3 Elevation is a compact reformer is small enough to fit most of the living spaces.

Although it is a mini reformer machine, it offers over 17 workouts for the complete body. Its users don’t need to visit the gym for basic exercises to keep them fit.  The machine has wonderful reviews on Amazon, and the price is also reasonable for most people. It has three elevation levels and features wheels. It has 48 resistance settings and comes with three DVDs to help the users perform a variety of workouts.

Elina Pilates Wood Reformer

As the name suggests, the Elina Pilates wood reformer comprises a wooden frame that looks beautiful and can offer you a variety of workouts. The machine is perfect both for home and gym use. It has five springs for variable resistance and a padded headrest that users can adjust as per their convenience.

The Elina Pilates wood reformer is a sturdy platform for standing exercises at the resistance end. It comes with a jump board and box. The machine is successful to grab a five-star rating at Amazon.

Stott Pilates at Home SPX reformer bundle


The Stott Pilates SPX reformer bundle offers you the same type of exercises that you perform in a studio. It comes with almost all the accessories that are required to perform a wide range of workouts. The machine has a padded platform extender, double loop straps, and a meta roll-up pole. It also offers a wide range of resistance, as the bundle comprises four full tension springs and a half tension spring.

Final Words

These Pilates exercise machines offer you plenty of health benefits. With a variety of exercises, they help you gain strength, balance and flexibility in your body. Moreover, Pilates can also help you relieve back pain, improve your energy levels, and increase the strength in weak muscles. People who perform Pilates regularly can achieve the body they desire and maintain it longer than other forms of exercises like lifting weights, and aerobics.

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