Basketball for Beginners – A General Guide

Basketball is increasingly growing to be more popular around the world with many people watching and a lot more wanting to be more involved in the courts. Just like any other sport, basketball becomes easier the more you play and practice. For beginners, the game might seem a bit hard with all the rules to follow and techniques to master but this guide will make it easier if you are interested in the sport. 

Here are some basketball tips for beginners 

Fit tips – What are the Basketball essentials?

Basketball sneakers – just like all other sports, you need special shoes designed for basketball for an effective game on the court. With the countless brands available, finding the perfect shoe is definitely going to be tricky. All you need is to find a basketball shoe that provides all the support and cushioning you need for an enhanced game. The material, fit, cushioning, price, and playing position will determine the kind of shoe you purchase. 

Low top basketball shoes are perfect for guards because they offer ankle support and help with fluid movement. Forwards are better off purchasing high top basketball shoes which can handle the extra weight and aggressiveness on the court. For an all-round player, a middle ground between the two shoes will be perfect. 

Basketball – there are three main basketball sizes depending on the age and sex of the player. Size 5 basketballs are designed for players of age 11, size six for players age 11 to 14 and size 7 basketball for males aged 14 years old and more. The material is highly dependent on the leagues you want to play in. 

Basketball hoops – hoops come in different sizes to cater for different factors like the size of the playing space, the age of players, frequency of use and your budget.  There are two main types, inground Basketball hoops, and portable hoops. Inground hoops mimic hoop makes seen on the NBA and NCCA and cater for advanced performance while portable hoops feature a glass backboard and simulate pro-level performance. 

Basketball fit /athletic shorts – dressing for basketball is pretty straightforward; you need clothes that will fit you securely and hand loosely to allow a wide motion range during the game. Basketball shorts and athletic shirts will handle the amount of sweating and movement during the game. 

Dribbling – Below and some dribbling and shooting tips for beginners One of the most important parts of the gameplay is free throws. They can make the difference between a successful game and a loss. Most players still have some issues when it comes to free throws.  While seemingly straightforward, free throws can be hard and frustrating.

Tips to help you improve free throw and shooting during a basketball game 

Don’t think twice – follow-through 

Beginners are quick to make this mistake when taking a free throw. When taking the shot, make sure you keep your arms strong and extended until the ball is out of your hands.  This will give you more shooting power and increase your accuracy

Create a ritual 

Free throwing can be a very individual-oriented play and needs you to be in the right mindset to make a successful shot. Create a short ritual that will leave you relaxed before you make your shot to increase the possibility of making a successful one

Always be mindful

During a competitive game, players do not take the time to think about the shots when they make them.  Free throws give players all the time to make the shot without distraction from defenders. Clear your mind and focus on the ball and basketball hoop to increase your chances of success. 

The dot 

If you play in an inlaid wooden court, then it most likely has a do at the center of the foul line close to the rim. Players use this dot as a marker when making free throws to improve the success rate. All you need to do is straddle at the dot or stand dead in the middle of it. some people may be more comfortable standing at the sides or choosing a spot they feel most confident in.

Practice Tips – Here is how basketball practice can be beneficial

It enhances your coordination – when dribbling, you will need to use your entire body to keep the ball away from the opponents. The technique requires full attention and attention which will boost your functioning at the game. 

Dribbling builds major discipline and focus- learning the art of dribbling can install quality discipline and help you develop high focus levels during the game. 

Dribbling reduces stress and anxiety – while basketball is vigorous, it does have a way to keep your mind off stress and negative thought. Dribble practice will boost your mood, confidence in the game and energy levels. 

Finally, basketball is always going to be a team game, even during practice. It is a game that needs plenty of coordination for a win. Without effective communication, there is no way your team will win. Dribbling during practice will boost your relationship with your teammates and the general game. 

Mistakes to avoid when playing basketball

Just like all other sports, basketball gets easier as you practice. As a beginner, it is easy to give up given the complications that come with learning the game but if you keep practicing you will learn eventually 

Ignoring the footwork – this is a common game among many beginners.  Basketball needs synchronization of all body parts. Beginners tend to ignore this which makes basketball seem super difficult when it really isn’t.

Dribbling with your head down – look at the ball while dribbling so you can learn control and techniques. Once you learn how to dribble, you need to learn to keep your head high. 

Dribbling the ball too high – when dribbling during a game, your head should be high. If you cannot focus on more than two things at once, it will be difficult to gauge the exact position of the ball. Dribbling the ball too high will make it more difficult for you and limit the control you have over the ball. 

Shoot with straight legs- shooting with straight legs can make your body rigid therefore limiting the accuracy of the shots you take. Start small and end tall while making a hot to improve the possibility of a score. 

Acting before you get a hold of the ball – this is a mistake that is a little more difficult to rectify once you are used to playing this way. Attempting a shoot as soon as you receive the ball reduces the chances of a score. 

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