Best Bezel less Phones 2018 – Less bezels means more productivity

Bezel less Phones are more of a trend now in 2018, actually more than just a trend. It has become a norm and a new standard in high-end smartphones. Gone are the days more bezels and less screen. People now want either no bezels at all on their phones or as less bezel as possible.

As technology keeps advancing day by day, the latest trends always take over the previous ones. And that trend in cellphone manufacturing business is less bezels now. But what really is bezel-less?  what does bezel less mean?

Well, in short, it means more of screen and less of the body. More screen to body ratio on a phone means less bezels and more intriguing user experience. Technologies like the ‘Infinity display’ are already all over the internet. And overall people do want a phone on which they can experience content in a more wide view and on an end to end display. Phones are essentially trying to become less bulky since the creation of cell phones.

With technology, more advancing this means smartphones features have to enhance in all aspects rather than just one. But that one ultra factor or aspect is surely more screen or less bezel in 2018.

Best Bezel less Phones 2018

IphoneX vs Google Pixel 2 - best phone 2018 -TrendMut - pixel2Xl - iphoneX specs specifications
1 – iPhone X

The iPhone X comes with something very close to completely bezel less display. It would have been an entirely bezel-less phone if it was not for that damned Notch on the top of the Screen. For what its worth it is the leading smartphone Spec wise. And also in some areas display wise too.
But that Notch!

If iPhone X would have somehow ignored that notch then the overall beauty of the device would have amplified ten folds.



Samsung Galaxy s9 - best phone 2018 -TrendMut - s8 - s9 specs specifications 2
2 – Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is relatively new phone at this time. It has that gorgeously famous large display with curved edges that we have seen on S8 previously. Along with this, there is a little bit of a bezel on both top and bottom. So you cannot call it a completely bezel less phone. But what you can call it is beautiful. It has an amazing display with almost 85% screen to body ratio. Feels good in the hand and with only teeny tiny bezels as you can see.


OnePlus 5t - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
3 – OnePlus 5T

The awing OnePlus 5T. Talk about a beefy phone.
The Oneplus started off with a bang and is relatively a newish company but the specs and overall build quality of its phones is nothing less than that of a pioneer. The specifications of OnePlus 5t are Amazing, which makes it possible to be an everyday driver for most people. Another key feature is its 6-inch screen which is an Optic AMOLED display. The Screen to body ratio is 80 % which is again good. And the overall device has very little bezels on the top and bottom.



Xiaomi mi mix 2 - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
4 – Xiaomi mi mix 2

Now, this is what you can call completely bezel less phone, well at least the upper part. The lower portion of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a front-facing camera. Yes, that’s right a front camera on the bottom of the screen. That is just strange.

Good strange or Bad strange?
We will let you be the judge of that.

What we can say is that Xiaomi, as it is known for making bold statements, has done it again. The overall display has a beautifully nice finish, nice depth, and curved edges. The Screen to body ratio is 80% which is not bad.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
5 – Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy note8 was released in the September of 2017. It has a 6.3 inch super AMOLED display with a screen to body ratio of 83%. This is a big phone, as the Galaxy Note series has always been bigger in size. The bezels on note8, however, are relatively smaller. The infinity display which also bends around the edges, looks and feels nothing less than pure class. The Stylus is not really necessary but some people do prefer it as it is a larger phone. The bezels only appear on top and bottom and no bezels at all on the left and right which makes this phone just that much more amazing.




Google Pixel 2 XL - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
6 – Google Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel 2 XL as the name implies is extra large or just larger than the Google Pixel2. The Larger screen is 6 inches and is a P-OLED display. This particular phone is not that much of a bezel-less phone as you can clearly see the left-right, top and bottom bezels on the phone. But many do consider it a phone with very little bezels (not by 2018 standards, but just generally speaking). It has a screen to boy ratio of only 76% which is not really that high.

But overall is a great phone with little if none bezels.




honor 7x - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
7 – Huawei Honor 7X

The Honor 7X has somewhat of an iPhone feel. Not the iPhone X but the previous versions. You can clearly see it in its design, we are not saying Huawei tried to copy iPhone on this phone. But you can clearly see the resemblance in the overall design. This is actually a good thing for Huwaei as this approach resulted in an overall prettier phone with lesser bezels. The display is a 5.9 inches IPS display and the screen to body ration on the Huawei honor 7X is 77%.



Elephone S8 - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
8 – Elephone S8

Now, this is the part where our list of best Bezel less Phones gets interesting. As from here, we will include the less famous brands or companies. It doesn’t matter how reliable their phones are but we are only considering the overall designs of the phones.
And looking for that bezel-less feature.

As you can see the ElePhone S8 takes the meaning of Bezel less to a whole new level. As the top portion of the phone is actually completely bezel less. The bottom part still has some bezel and the front camera is also placed on the bottom or chin of the phone. Much like Xiaomi’s mi mix 2.
Both of these phones are from Chinese companies and both are very intriguing.
The device has 6-inch screen with rounded off top corners and overall looks visually very attractive.



UMiDigi Crystal - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
9 – UMiDigi Crystal

The UMiDigi Crystal is another one of Chinese Bezel less Phones with that top bezel-less and bottom bezel design. Its a wonder how these Chinese companies are able to make such good looking phones and the companies at the top of the smartphone market are not able to copy them.  The UmiDigi Crystal has a 5.5 inch IPS display, not an OLED. But still, the colors look pretty sharp on it too. The phone has rounded corners and the upper screen follows those corners. and again we can see a front-facing camera on the chin. Which is kind of okay at this point?



Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
10 – Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (International)

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus also known as redmi note 5 is a well-built phone with an amazing screen, tiny bezels and rocking specs. The only downside in this phone for some people will be the IPS display. As many people do prefer OLED and OLED have become an industry standard in displays on good phones. The performance of this device is average, not amazing. But the screen is huge, almost 6 inches. The screen to body ratio is 77% which is okay .but the overall design and feel of the phone are amazing. The corners are curved and the bezels although appear there but are negligible.



Vivo Apex - specs - Best Bezel less Phones 2018 - TrendMut - Best Smartphones
11 – Vivo Apex (Concept Phone)

The Vivo Apex it the only true Bezel less phone so far this year. And the sad part is that it is unavailable for users to purchase.

This phone is the real meaning of bezel less, and should be crowned the king of Bezel less Phones as it has only pure screen, no buttons, no notches. Just look at the phone itself as it looks pure beauty and nothing else. The reason why it is only a concept phone and is not released to the public is because its still on its way to perfection. But by looking at the hype Vivo Apex has got so far it might be released to purchase sooner than you think.
Fingers crossed.

Vivo has taken an extraordinary step in the smartphones industry and has produced a true bezel less phone. They have thought about being bezel less in a unique way as you can see there is not even an earpiece. The way it works is the top part of the screen vibrates and produces the sound so that you can attend a call in the normal old-fashioned way. But what about the sensors that are supposed to be up there?

Well, Vivo has thought about that too and came up with this in genius design. The front camera actually pops out from the top in selfie mode. This is a bold step in front facing cameras and who knows maybe Vivo has just set a new milestone for others to follow. Apart from this the bottom half of the phone is also magical.
As most of the bottom area has an on-screen fingerprint sensor. It’s a very wide sensor embedded inside the screen so that you don’t need to be the price where to place your finger.

Although the specifications of Vivo Apex are not released yet but that might change very soon if the company does try to go in the manufacturing of this device. Which it totally should.



These are our pick for the best Bezel less Phones in 2018.
The Bezel less Phones in this list are not rated according to their any other specifications except the overall bezel less design.
The Bezel less approach at this moment is reaching high in the Smartphone market as more and more manufacturers are taking it.

By the end of the year, there might be even more Bezel less phones arriving.
And who knows which phone will land its position as the best bezel less smartphone of 2018.

For now, this list should do.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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