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Google Search Tips And Tricks For Better Results

What is that we are not googling? Have a question in your mind, Google it! Not sure about the spelling, Google it! Want to learn a trick, Google it! Know what’s trending, Google it! Each and everything, concern, question, is being searched on Google. And there is literally nothing that it doesn’t answer. Maybe the reason why we have started to depend on this thing is it’s instant replies to our queries. Since its birth till now, Google has tremendously evolved and altered the meaning of our lives. With its thousands and thousands of other great features and functionalities, its search engine is one of the most significant advantages that Google has provided us. In this blog, we are talking about the best possible ways to make the most out of Google searches. Here are some handy and awesome tips and tricks to use Google search in a better way.

How to search on Google?


This won’t come as a surprise if we say that most of us are completely ignorant with how to search Google efficiently. And this is the biggest reason why we don’t get the exact result we are expecting on our first search. We had to keep changing and trying different search phrases to get what we are looking for. If you’re one of those people who feel annoyed by not getting what you want, especially when it’s the most needed, then maybe it’s not Google, it’s you, who needs to get better. One thing that we are sure about is that Google will always respond you with the best possible answer to your query. But sometimes it’s us who don’t understand how to ask the right question. Well, to solve your this problem, we are adding Google search tricks and trends that will help you to improve your searches.

Google search tips



Google doesn’t give much of a credit to symbols used as punctuations in searches. So, it’s not necessary to use correct punctuation while searching on Google. However, there are certain symbols that hold the meaning in Goole searches. We are sure you would need to use some of them in future.

  • Use quotation marks (“…”) to search the exact word, phrase, or sentence, in the exact same order. E.g: “tips and trick to use Google maps
  • Use a dash (-) before a word or a phrase to exclude that particular result from your search. E.g: Names of US States -California
  • Use Dollar sign ($) to search for prices. E.g: Best Smartphones $200
  • Use @ to search for tags. E.g: @TrendMut
  • Use plus sign (+) to search for Google Plus pages and blood types. E.g: O+, or Google+
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for missing words. Let say you hear a song on your way back to home and you only catch a few of words, using an asterisk with those words will help you find that song on Google. E.g: soon we’ll be ** songs have been sold. This will return you with Lukas Graham’s 7 years!
  • Use two periods (..) between the range you want to search. E.g: best digital cameras $100 .. $400
  • Use a hashtag to search for trending topics. E.g: #Whatsapp

Search operators

The next thing you need to use in Google search is operators. They help you in narrowing down the searches to your preference and make it easier for Google search engines to present you with the results you would want to see.

  • Use site: to search for a specific site and all its pages and content. E.g: site:Trendmut.com
  • Use link: to search for all the links going to a specific site or domain. E.g: link:Trendmut.com
  • Use related: to find the sites related to a certain keyword. E.g: related: Amazon
  • Use info: to find the information of a particular site or business. E.g: info: trend mut
  • Use cache: to see how the site or page looked when Google last crawled it. E.g: cache:trendmut.com
  • Use filetype: to search for a particular type of file. E.g: Ashton Kutcher filetype: gif
  • Use OR to make multiple searches, that means Google will respond you with the search result of both the terms or phrases. E.g: male body language OR female body language


Keywords play the most important role in Google search engines. You have to be specific and smart with the use of keywords to get the result you want from Google. Below are the Google search tips to improve your searches with keywords.

  • Make your keywords precise and particular instead of writing long questions.

This means you don’t need to search with a long 200 words paragraph describing your concern rather be specific and keep your search to the point.

Don’t: who was the lead role in the biographical film inspired by Steve Jobs?

Do: Jobs cast

  • Make long tail words searches.

It’s okay if you are not sure which exact word will return you to the reply you’re looking for. You can ask descriptive questions to Google as well. And great thing is, no matter how smart Google is, it won’t mind you asking long questions.

E.g: What’s Natalie Portman’s best movie? It will present you with the list of the best movies Natalie Portman has been in.

  • Make a search keeping the writer’s point of view in your mind.

This means that if you want to search for the ways to make your user experience good with Facebook, instead of searching for how to use Facebook in a greater way rather search for Facebook tips.

Other Google search tricks


Below we have added some other great Google search tricks that will save your time and present you with the accurate response from Google.

  1. You can do quick maths on Google. This means you can search 3014+5620 on Google and it will return you with the answer instantly.
  2. You can search using your voice by clicking the microphone in the search bar.
  3. You can search with the images as well. If you see a celebrity picture on the internet and you’re not sure who is that person then all you need to do is go to Google images, upload that picture, and Google will reply you with the name.
  4. You can set the timer on Google by searching “set timer”.
  5. You can play heads or tails on Google by searching “flip the coin”.
  6. You can get the same result with different search terms. This means you’ll get the same result by searching for California city or its zip code.
  7. Check the weather of a particular city by searching weather followed by the zip code of that city.
  8. Search for the dawn and the dusk timing of any city. You can do this by searching sunrise followed by the zip code or name of that city.
  9. Use word “define” to get the definition of any word.
  10. Search the time for any city by searching time followed by the zip code.
  11. Search “IP address” to know what’s your IP address.
  12. Search the origin of any word by entering etymology followed by that word.
  13. Enter the flight number to check the status of that flight.
  14. Enter the tracking number to track a package.
  15. Do the conversion on Google. Entering the amount with the unit type followed by “to” and “another unit”. E.g: 15 lbs to kgs
  16. Enter Bacon number followed by celebrity’s name to see their bacon number.
  17. Seach for the sports score by entering the sports score followed by the team name.
  18. To compare two items use the keyword “compare” followed by both of the items name.
  19. Enter movie name followed by zip code to see the schedule of the movie in a particular city.
  20. Roll a dice by making the search on Google.

You don’t have to use the correct spelling or grammar to search on Google. All you need to do is keep these tips in your mind while making your search and see how Google will respond you with accuracy instantly. These Google search tips will help you in a long run to make your experience better with Google search engine. Try these tips and have fun searching!!

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