5 Great Places to Spend Your Winter Holidays

With holiday festivities in top-gear, you should never miss a moment. Thus, apart from baking Christmas cake, a trip to a stunning destination this winter should add jest to an already packed bucket list. Winter holidays often bring families together. It could be a camping expedition in the Alps, a snow biking holiday in the Himalayas or a sunbathing experience in Puerto Rico. The big question is, where is the best place to spend the winter? and why? 

The truth is that with so many places to consider for a truly fulfilling winter vacation, it is possible to get mixed-up. We are here to help you decide before the winter sun is no more. From European most visited cities, the Pine Cliffs Golf Course in Portugal, Arabian desert adventures to Africa’s wild, a trip during winter is perfect timing for real fun. It does not get better than backpacking at the earliest opportunity. Even more noteworthy is that flight packages for the whole family should bring down the cost of traveling during this month. 

To help you plan ahead of time and take advantage of air ticket discounts, we sampled the following best places to vacation in winters:

Best Places to Vacation in Winters (November, December, January, February)

Lake Tahoe in California, USA

California is not only the richest city in the U.S.A but also a top holiday destination. After reviewing some places within the precincts of this city, we couldn’t settle for Silicon Valley. You will draw a rich travel experience visiting the outskirts of California, especially Lake Tahoe. The best time to be here is during winter because it’s when the lake’s surrounding portrays real beauty in snow peaks. 

Lake Tahoe is also surrounded by amazing ski resorts and hiking locations that will take your winter thrill to a new level. With snow piling up to 125 inches here, there is no better way of becoming a snowman under the glittering winter sun.

Svalbard in Norway

Scandinavian countries like Norway have plenty to offer holiday goers, especially during winter.  In Svalbard, one of the few inhabited areas in northernmost parts of the country, you will catch a perfect glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. You will also have a unique Polar Night experience during winter, when twilight skies turn bright blue, giving you a rare glimpse of aurora borealis. Mountains in the vicinity, inhabited by Polar bears are a breath-taking sight to behold during your stay in Svalbard. 

Whitefish in Montana U.S.A 

A winter holiday in Whitefish in Montana will be like no other. Here, there is every reason to ski because the town itself is one of the amazing winter ski resorts. Moreover, it is home to scenic views and adventurous locations that will pump real adrenaline into your system. Joring, a little-known sport, horseback racing, and hiking, make for a perfect combination of things you can do in Whitefish.

Visit Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, U.S.A

When winter gets colder, a visit to Mammoth cave, the longest in the world, should give you a warm refuge from freezing temperatures outside. It is a wonder of geology that will leave you yearning for more. Here, you become a new kind of tourist as you wind your way through the cave. 

The Chinese city of Harbin

If you are looking to extend your winter holiday beyond January, Harbin is a Chinese city worth visiting. The city hosts an ice festival every winter. Get to catch a glimpse of massive castles and enjoy ice games like never before. Snow activities that take place here are worth journaling.

Final Thoughts

Spending winter holidays in the above places is always riddled with fun. Whether you choose to spend the night in a lantern-lit cave in Kentucky or set a campfire in the Himalayas, we guarantee an experience that will change your life forever.

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