6 Popular Styles Of Italian Pizzas In Dubai

Who doesn’t love munching on a pizza? After all, it is among the most popular fast foods worldwide.

Although American-style pizzas are typically served and loved around the globe, varying from their crust and shape to ingredients, Italian pizzas are also quickly gaining popularity. Whether an Asian or a Middle Eastern, everyone loves pizza. Today, this regional Italian food is served in various parts of the world, including UAE.

Anyone craving to eat the best Italian pizza in Dubai can sigh of relief because it is now available in a wide variety in the most populous city of UAE. With a population of around 33.3 lakhs, Dubai’s prosperity of $312bn is the 4th most prosperous center globally. In 2018, its fast-food restaurants had the largest sales value at approximately $3.6bn, which is expected to reach $2.34bn in 2022.

Best Italian Pizzas In Dubai

Since pizza is a popular food in Dubai, this blog will discuss the best styles available in the city.

Ai Funghi Tartufo

It is a highly renowned pizza style across the UAE. Its dough is prepared with wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water which is then shaped into a circular disc. After topping with Italian truffles, oil, roasted mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese, it is cooked in a microwave to deliver an authentic taste. It is a popular pizza style in Italian restaurants in Dubai, providing a unique flavor.


It is among the most popular styles in the city and worldwide. It is made with pork and beef seasoned with chili pepper and topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Although originally Italian, it is popular in Dubai, too, denoting a spicy salami made with a mixture of beef, pork, and spices.

Di Volomari

Another delicious and the best Italian pizza in Dubai is Di Volomari. Pizza is a popular street meal in the city, with around 45.58% eating it one to three times a week. Dubai is also famous for serving all Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, including stuffed camel, shawarma, and all sorts of pizzas, to anyone keen on trying street food.

Its Di Volomari pizza is among the popular styles with a circular, flat shape and a slim crust. It has a spicy flavor mixed with fresh seafood, topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, shrimp, smoked mussels, and calamari. It is prepared in an electric microwave until the dough turns crispy enough to the point of cracking.

Quattro Formaggi

It is a classic, round-shaped pizza exclusively sold at some places in Dubai. The impressive thing about this food is the choice of available cheese toppings besides tomato sauce, such as mozzarella, feta, gorgonzola, and parmesan cheese. It is the go-to snack of any person craving authentic Italian food while roaming the beautiful city streets.

Al Fredo

It is a small Italian pizza, widely famous throughout the city. Al Fredo features a soft, fluffy crust, thicker than most other pizzas, and is topped with several ingredients according to people’s tastes. Its unique element is Al Fredo sauce topped with ground beef, prepared by individuals who do not mind avoiding infusing classic and ancient flavors.

Quattro Stagioni

Loosely translated to ‘four seasons,’ Quattro Stagioni is a popular pizza style in Italian cuisine. It is prepared in four sections with diverse ingredients, including seafood, meat, sauces, and cheeses, each representing a year’s season. Some pizzas have artichokes for spring; olives for summer; mushrooms for fall; and ham for winter.

Wrapping Up

Besides the ones listed above, there are some other popular styles, including All’ Andrea and Fritta. All pizzas have different tastes, differing by their crust and ingredients. Now that this blog has helped enhance pizza lovers’ understanding of the delicious dish, they can experiment with it whenever they feel like it.

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