10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is probably the most inconspicuous part of our household. But just because it isn’t the most prominent part of your home doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. After a long and tiring day, a fresh and stylish kitchen can give you a boost of energy while cooking a simple and sumptuous dinner on your laminate worktop.

One of the things we learn with time is that if you want to make something look great, you don’t always have to spend big. Price doesn’t always guarantee luxury. The same philosophy applies to the heart of your home.

This post is specially made for those of you who have just bought your dream home or have decided to get the exquisite kitchen that you deserve. We have picked a few self-curated tips to decorate your kitchen on a budget we have picked just for you. Want to know the best part? You won’t even have to rob a bank to make them happen.

Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

1. Change from overused to classy colors:

Much like the rest of your house, a kitchen can be transformed into a new wonderland with just a fresh coat of colors. Before you begin, decide what kind of theme you want for your kitchen renovation or decoration.

Sticking to a theme can help go a long way in helping you make the right choices. Adhering to fresh modern colors not only gives everything a refreshing look, but it will also help in saving you a lot of money. There are several products out there in the market that cater to modern themes. Because they’re more readily available, it will make it easier for you to get quality at affordable rates.

2. Change up your old hardware:

No matter how much you spend on ornate kitchen colors, if your handles and taps are old and rusty, every cent you spend could be a waste of money. When it comes to making a good kitchen great, the devil is in the details.

Change your cabinet handles: Cabinet handles accentuate the theme you picked for your kitchen. They will definitely make your kitchen stand out without squeezing a lot from your budget. Consider choosing stainless steel handles because they are durable and will not succumb to blemish.

3. Decide if it is time for a new sink and faucet:

The sink of your kitchen is the center of all the action. Since a lot of the energy we spend in our kitchens, why not make it fresh looking with a new 27 inch stainless steel sink which is one of the most popular sinks sizes that people like in their homes. It makes for a size that is convenient and is also easy on the eye.

4. Decide if you’re in the market for a new worktop

Buying the kitchen top that suits the energy of your kitchen can be a daunting and challenging task. However, as we said earlier if you plan things through and stick to a theme that suits your needs, this task gets a little easier. Here are some trendy and chic ideas to pick from

  • Laminate: Laminate or Formica is a sheet made up of kraft paper that has been impregnated with resin. This sheet is then bound to timber wood and makes a laminate worktop. This material is extremely durable and comes in literally hundreds of colors. An excellent choice for Do It Yourself(DIY) enthusiasts, laminate is the perfect choice for a designer look.
  • Granite: When it comes to worktop choices, Granite is a classic. Being a natural stone, Granite comes in many patterns and colors, making it a perfect fit for your kitchen décor. One of the biggest pros in picking Granite is that it is durable. Typically a granite worktop can outlast the lifetime of your kitchen. Granite worktops are also ideal for hot pans.
  • Glass: Nothing in today’s market place says modern like a glass worktop. Although the idea of a glass worktop might not strike you as ideal, once you read about how strong and durable these you won’t be worried anymore. Another advantage of glass worktops is that they are straightforward to clean and also are highly heat resistant. Whether you are looking to redesign your entire kitchen or simply to upgrade your existing surfaces, these glass worktops make a striking centerpiece in any home.
  • Ceramic: Ceramics are essentially clay that has been forged at extremely high temperatures. They are incredibly colorful and durable. They come with an extraordinarily natural look, in case that’s something you’re looking for. In addition to being durable, ceramics are easy to clean and can maintain their quality for decades.

5. Install New curtains:

This one is for those of you who have kitchens with open windows and enjoy plenty of sunlight during the daytime. Fresh curtains greatly enhance the Feng Shui of the entire room, and you’ll thank yourself for spending an extra 15-20 pounds on such a scintillating addition. Looks great over laminate worktops.

6. Add Complexity through abstract art:

Something as plain as a simple street painting can brighten up the dull corners of your kitchen. If you have kids, creating a special ‘artwork corner’ is a great idea. This delightful yet straightforward space will put a smile on everyone’s face and at the same time, keep your toddlers busy.

7. Two-toned shelves:

Giving contrasting colors to shelves is an elegant way of adding color to your kitchen. Something as simple as using two colors is an excellent idea for those kitchens which have glass cabinets. This idea doesn’t only have to apply for your kitchen cabinets, it is excellent also for open bookshelves.

8. Maybe add some greenery?

Any form of vegetation ranging from shrubs and plants to even flowers can go a long way in making your kitchen have a more inviting feel. Plants not only make the place look more friendly, but certain herbs also bring a fresh scent to the home. All in all, a great addition.

9. Clear all the extra clutter:

Just like in the office, we aren’t as productive in a cluttered workspace as we would be in a free, well organized one. Consider getting fresh holders for your cutlery and get rid of those pseudo sentimental souvenirs.

10. Some Notable Mentions:

Some mentionable ideas that we felt you could benefit from are mentioned below:

  • A friendly rug: albeit a stain magnet
  • Apron rack: to display your colorful aprons
  • Multitasking pot rack: Share all your favorite pottery with the world
  • A Coffee Bar: Never missing a Barista ever again

11. Change your cabinet handles:

Cabinet handles accentuate the theme you picked for your kitchen. They will definitely make your custom kitchen cabinets stand out without squeezing a lot from your budget. Consider choosing stainless steel handles because they are durable and will not succumb to blemish.

In Conclusion:

We understand that not everyone out there has an unlimited wallet to finance their dream kitchen. However, we strongly believe that with good planning and smart purchasing, everyone can get the kitchen they deserve at an affordable price.

We hope that you liked our tips to decorate your kitchen on a budget. Also Read, 7 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean After Cooking

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