5 Top Writing Barriers that Writers Face and How to Overcome

Aside from all of the benefits, being a content writer comes with its own set of issues that can make writing difficult.

Doing your project or working on assigned tasks can both be relatively delicate for writers in this regard.

Whatever your field of interest or specialization, there are certain issues that every writer encounters that might reduce productivity.

It does not matter if you are new to being a seasoned expert writer or just a newbie, you are undoubtedly looking to improve your methods to solve your challenges and improve your writing.

Every writer is a creative artist that drafts a beautiful form with just their words. 

But whilst they are presumably magicians who appear to produce outstanding tales out of just plain text, they have their own particular set of challenges as well.

In truth, some of these issues are unique to writing, while others are common occurrences that writers face. 

The following are the five top writing barriers that writers face and how they can avoid them.

5 Biggest Challenges Writers Face And Their Ultimate Results

  1. Lack of creative ideas or resources

As we said above, it does not matter if you are new to content writing or if you are a professional writer, you are searching to enhance your approaches to overcome your problems in content writing. 

With this being said, we mean that we may be educated professionals or indeed newbie’s, but after all, we’re all humans and there are ups and downs that we suffer from.

If you do not have a sharp creative mind, do not worry, as that does not mean that you cannot write creative and engaging content for your readers

Occasionally, it may be that you search for some sources on the internet for your subject, but there is not sufficient information there or it is not what you may require.

In that situation, you can look for online libraries or digital libraries, or indeed visit a physical library, or perhaps look for a review or magazine, or some other intriguing information related to your task.

  1. Over or Under Word Count Limit

Word count is truly the volume of words that your content has.

It is pivotal that you maintain a standard of word count that is vital to the kind of demand that is appropriate to the content that you are writing.

The most optimal method to keep a check on your word count is to use an online word counter tool.

As noted ahead, word count depends on the category or the subject that you are writing about, especially whilst you are trying to expand your content and its outreach.

It’s possible that if a task is assigned to you, that task may have a specific word count limit.

So these tools are an effective aid to your writing and help you estimate your content by displaying the number of sentences, words, pages your content uses, characters and your word density, which matters a lot in this case.

  1. Dead Lines

A deadline is one of the biggest things that writers all around the world hate. 

It means that the writer has limited time to compose a piece of content.

In regards to some writers, they like to set a specific period of time to craft the content and produce a quality piece of writing.

Occasionally, writers get into expansive exploration before they begin with their writers.

The most optimal thing that you can use to save time is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool that can help you write better in a short time.

Many similar tools are Copy.ai, simplified, Rytr, and Spinbot.

These tools can speed up your writing and can also give you quality content that you can utilize in your writing.

This wills not only save you time but will also increase your productivity, so these tools are worth the time.

  1. Lack of viewership

Another major problem that writers deal with is their outreach. 

Every writer out there wants his or her work to be read and appreciated, but that does not happen for everyone out there.

It is important that the writer explores all options for his or her work to be published and displayed to the public.

Sometimes a writer may not need to publish their content.

Any writer can use social media and other online platforms to publish their books and or other work to be seen and read by others around the world.

Social media has changed the way that people around the world access information, all the way from books to brands.

There is nearly everything that is on social media platforms, and writers can too use this to market their content.

Allocate many hours each day, especially for your tone creation, and to interact and engage with the audience.

Still, you can also use it for a bit of your engagement and, most importantly, as a method of feedback with the help of social media, if you like to have some time online.

  1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an ordinary thing that affects a lot of writers and other content creators out there.

The act of taking another person’s content or data and using it as their own is known as plagiarism.

It is the unlawful copying of any content by some other writer or proprietor without bringing up the source and or crediting them.

The copying of any specific content of any other person as their own is a severe offense.

The ultimate way to avoid your content being illegally reproduced is by getting it duly copyrighted.

If God prohibits you from finding your content copied by some other writer, you can go ahead and take action by reporting that writer to the website if you find it online, or you can initiate a strike for copyrights on the point where your content is plagiarized.

There are about four types of plagiarism.

  1. Self Plagiarism
  2. Accidental Plagiarism
  3. Direct Plagiarism               
  4. Mosaic Plagiarism


Writers face many challenges when striving to produce high-quality content. 

To produce your best work, it is important to be aware of these writing barriers and learn how to overcome them. 

By improving your productivity and learning how to reduce these challenges, you can get better at writing efficiently and overcome any problems that may arise.

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