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Mind Blowing Tips For Using Instagram Business!!

Instagram is one of the most populated social media apps liked and accepted by users of almost all age groups. After Facebook, it is the second biggest social media platform that is being used by about 4.2 Billion people worldwide. Realizing the importance and significance of Instagram in today’s life and the exposure that this app has to provide you, many big businesses (including the most profitable internet business of all time) have begun using Instagram business to reach out to more and more people globally. When bigger businesses are making a pretty good use of this app there are many small and new businesses that are also joining this Social media platform to get benefits out of it. This post is for all those marketers who want to gain more exposure and thus boost more revenue through Instagram business. First of all, we must say we all need to be well-equipped with social media strategies for successful social media management. Therefore, today, we are adding some easy but effective tips and tricks to use Instagram business for better branding of your products and services through this application.

Instagram Business Tips and Tricks


Here are some simple yet effective Instagram business tips and tricks that we are sure will help you a lot. Read along!

Set up your Instagram Business profile

Well, before getting benefits from something you are required to give it a start, right? Follow the below-mentioned steps set up your business profile.

  1. Sign up with your email or you can also join Instagram by logging in through Facebook
  2. Choose a unique and relevant username
  3. Pick a good display picture
  4. Add a short bio that describes your business
  5. Add your website link to get the best exposure to your site
  6. Tap on vertical ellipsis icon at the top and scroll down. Tap on “Switch to business profile” and complete the steps.
  7. Add your contact number, email, and address
  8. You are done!

Follow accounts

You need to follow all your industry related big accounts to give a kick-start to your business account. Engage yourself in more and more commenting specifically on the posts related to your niche. In this way, not only you learn the tactics to post and make an Instagram presence but it will also give you the chance to promote your products and services to their followers. Thus, will help you in getting followers and build up your following.

Promote your account

Now, the next task is to promote your Instagram account. Join Facebook pages like “Get Instagram Followers” or “Instagram Promotion”. Add Instagram button to your website, ask your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram too. You can also promote your Instagram account by sharing your Insta posts to Twitter and Facebook as well.

Set goals

You are needed to set goals. What exactly are you expecting from your Instagram profile and how are you going to get it. Define your goals and then work on things to achieve them. Some of the goals that you should keep in your mind are,

  • How to increase products sales or services?
  • What strategy should I use to drive more traffic to my site?
  • I need to promote my brand
  • My customers should be pleased with my services and products (to build loyal customers)
  • Establish relationships with influencers

Strategize your activities

If you have not make a systematic strategy yet then make it now. You are supposed to have a well defined and planned strategy about your every activity. Like,

  • What is the best time to make a post?
  • Schedule and prioritize your posts
  • How often should I post?
  • Stick with a theme
  • Use hashtags relevant to your post
  • Know what your followers want to see
  • Know your targetted audience
  • Use emojis
  • Make captions interesting
  • When to comment and what to comment
  • Which post to like and which post to skip
  • Do I need to repost from some other page
  • When to upload stories
  • How often should I upload Instagram stories

Make a plan of all these things and see how they work. Do not follow what other pages, bloggers, and Instagrammers say. Test your strategy and stick with the one that gives you the best results.

Be Creative – Content is the king

You have to use your creative mind while making posts on Instagram. It is not as easy as it seems to be. Understand your goals, plan your strategy, and then begin with posting creative content. This will not come as a new thing to you if we say, “Content is king”. As almost everyone knows this now. So you have to be creative and handful with your content.

  • You should know how to write an engaging post
  • What picture to choose
  • What filter will be the best
  • Should I post a picture or an album
  • Should I upload story instead
  • Post good quality videos
  • Avoid copying and plagiarising content
  • Be original, informative, appealing, and up-to-date

Instagram Ads

Last but not the least, you might need to promote your Insta profile and posts through ads as well. A bit of investment in ads is surely not bad but actually works in your favor. So, take a risk and promote your content with ads. This will give you better exposure, more followers, and likes, and will surely help you in generating revenue.

Once you have made good following then Instagram is all heaven for you. More website visits, better sales, more revenue, customer loyalty, and whatnot are you going to get. Just a little of planning, social media management,  good social media strategy, defined goals, original content, and a bit of promotion, and you’re there to rock the Instagram world. Reading Jonathon Spire blog can be additionally educational for the Insta users. 

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