How to get killer body with a simple workout technique

Easy workout, is it even possible?

Many people try workout to get a killer body or just to get slim, fit, healthy body. But unfortunately more than 70% of the time people quit in the middle. That is because they get exhausted from the exercise routine and the pressure. Most people just don’t find that time in the day to exercise. and they are not to blame.

Normally its very hard for a beginner to start workout in the traditional manner with or without exercise equipment, like 20 reps a set of pushup, 20 reps of sit-ups and so on.
People get frustrated and don’t bother to keep the routine as it really stresses their body out. The normal body response to something that stresses our body out is to quit it.

That’s just the way human nature is. If you don’t like doing something you can find a hundred excuses to stop doing that. On the contrary, if you are interested in something only then you try to push forward. But how can you make yourself like something when it is exhausting and tiring.


Easy workout technique

The key is adapting naturally. Don’t push yourself to workout, or to lose weight. Firstly understand that it is your choice to do so. If you don’t want to lose weight, you won’t. You’re just trying out, not working out. But how do you try and not workout?

Again it’s all about adaptability.  You need to schedule your workouts, not the routine but what are you willing to do. And start with the very basic or smallest step. Let’s say you are only able to do 10 pushups a day (which most people can). Even if you cant do ten then maybe only one? We believe almost every single human being on earth can do a single pushup in one day. So, you are starting with only one pushup a day. That is it. Good if you can do 10 or 20 but 1 pushup/day is also fine. But don’t think right now that you have to do this every single day, rather you are just trying it out. And maybe you will do 1 more pushup again tomorrow. Now, this is where the exercise routine comes into play subconsciously.

The next day, when you do another pushup (or if you did 10 the last day, then 10 again today) just add only one more to this number. If you did 1 pushup yesterday, then today its time for 2 pushups. That is it. And if you did 10, 20 or even above 30 pushups yesterday in that case also only add one more. keep in mind you don’t want to stress your body, rather generally adapt to workout.

Push-Up simple and easy workout- Trendmut- 2018

Simply start working out.

So its pretty simple where we are getting at. Just one pushup a day, at the end of the month you will be doing 30 pushups a day which is not bad at all.n Now the pushup above is obviously necessary but you can add 2, 3 different exercises to it as well. For example Start with one pushup, one sit-up and 1 or 2 crunches for abs.

And do this whenever you can find time in the day, no need for setting a particular time for this. As your number of pushups and other exercises will increase, you will naturally organize this workout in daily routine and automatically after 2 months, you will see yourself working out for half an hour a day.

But again, the key is adapting to it naturally … No force is required in setting up this easy workout habit, as it will become more of a habit than a workout routine. And if you are young and energetic and even start with 20-30 pushups or other exercises by the end of 2 months if you start with 30 pushups you will be doing 90 pushups a day.

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Even if you start with the basic 1, still after 3 months you can achieve the same.

The reason why this easy workout technique is so effective is that it slowly slips into your daily life. and after a single month, it will become a habit. As your body is not really stressed out by this workout. and you will find hard to stop this habit after 2 months as a lot of your time will already have been invested in this habit.

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