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Why Use an Oil Change Printer?

Oil change printers are still relevant. Whenever you have something done on your car, be it for an emergency or routine maintenance, it is best to go to the car repair shop that you trust. Not only do they know the history of your car, but they may also provide you a discount since you are a loyal customer.

Part of their job, especially for oil changes, is to print out a sticker with the use of an Oil Change Printer, so you will be reminded when you need to have it done next time. Although the printer can also print out other stickers, it is best to go over the other benefits that it gives the car repair shops or car dealerships that use them. If you are not aware of a trustworthy place or website to buy such automobile dealership related tools, where the guys from MBR Marketing can assist you with multiple products for auto dealers. 

Customizable Stickers

As the printers often come independent of a computer, some provide options where you can change it to fit your business branding. It makes things simpler for the customer to remember the dates and the reason why they need to bring their car into the repair shop. You also have the choice of having it printed on specific types of stickers so that your customers will not have a problem placing it on their windshields.

Benefits of Using Oil Change Stickers

  • A constant reminder
    You may already have a few stickers on the windshield of your car, so there might be a chance that you will not get to see it that much. Although some car repair shops put the sticker strategically where you can see it from time-to-time, so you can be reminded how far of a distance you have left before you need to do your oil change. Some shops often customize the labels to have eye-catching colors, so your eyes will often drift to the label, reminding you of the date when you need to come in.
  • Lesser need for pre-printed labels
    Since you can customize the stickers however you want it, you would need lesser pre-printed labels. You will not need to store a big batch at one time, and run the risk of them getting ruined due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Run special ads or promotions
    You can also have the oil labels printed specially to have your car repair shop’s name or promotions that you can give to loyal customers. There is an option for you to include your car repair shop’s details, so your customer will have no trouble contacting you.
  • Easier to read
    It makes things easier for the customer, as they will just be reading a digital print on the sticker, which will surely be legible. Compared to handwritten ones that your customer may misunderstand and come in earlier than what was written on the label.

What Stickers Can Be Used?

For most Oil Change Printers, users often opt for static cling labels instead of labels with adhesives.

Static cling labels are more comfortable to replace, as it only clings to a surface due to static electricity. Compared to labels with adhesives, it will leave a residue that the customer may need other products to clean off the windshield. There might be a chance that what the customer uses may ruin the windscreen, so it will mean paying extra to get the grime off.

Some labels are also used for some other maintenance work that needs to be done from time-to-time, such as tire rotation and timing belt labels. Car repair shops often opt for static cling labels because there are a lot of places that the stickers can be placed on.

Oil change labels and stickers for other maintenance are best used to remind people about when they would need to get a particular car service done. They may sometimes forget these kinds of things, especially if they have a lot to think about. There are people, though, that keeps these reminders to heart, because if they do not keep up with their car’s maintenance, they may often be faced with unnecessary costs if they miss particular maintenance that should be done on the vehicle. It is a practical method than writing maintenance schedules on booklets that often get lost within the glove compartment.

It is good to have printers in your car dealership or car repair shop. When you put up the stickers on their windshields, they are not only reminded of what needs to do be done to their vehicles but also that your company cares about its customers.

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