A Step Forward To Becoming Eco-Friendly And Trendy With Medical Scrubs

Keeping Green, yet clean should be adopted as a responsibility of every individual across the world to protect the environment. Earth day coming up on 22nd April seems to be the perfect occasion to implement and take steps towards the responsibility of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Hospital Industry just like many others is finding ways to be more environmentally sensitive for the users and the planet. The push has moved forward from daily habits like recycling paper, reducing plastic waste to going green even with the uniforms.

The healthcare uniforms especially nursing scrubs sustains both the uniform needs and sustainability initiatives of the industry.  The medical scrubs should be relaxing, comfortable and eco-friendly.

They are the building blocks of a versatile work wardrobe. They have come a long way from limited style, looks, and colors to different types, custom, and color-coded scrubs.

Organic cotton scrubs that are free from chemicals and pesticides are also now available. So, the doctors and nurses would not have to sacrifice their personal style to don these garments.

They now have the freedom to express their fashion sense even while saving the world.

The trends have revolutionized the way nursing was practiced. The look should bring confidence and peace of mind.

Let’s find out more about selecting the medical uniform from the fashion buffet that will keep you on the track.

Select the color that compliments you

To look good, you need to feel good and there is no better way than to start with choosing the right color that looks great with your skin.  Selecting the right color isn’t just the necessity but a luxury in itself. Not everybody looks good with the lime yellow right!

Pick the color that best suits the body shape, the job you perform and your personal style. The right color of scrubs helps you improve productivity.

Green, royals, and greys can feature cooler undertones. Red, white and pink look better on warmer undertones. Choose colors wisely as they convey different personality messages.

Get the right size scrubs

Spend extra minutes on choosing the perfect size for yourself. We know, you surely don’t want to end up being packed in the baggier look neither with too tight. The perfect medical scrub sets a personality in itself.

With the size spectrum available it is imperative now to pick the one that best fits and looks sleek and stylish. You can go for a nice fitted scrub that will give you a stellar look.  Remember, what looks good, should also fit just right.

Make your hair work

Just spare five minutes in a day to find out which hairstyle goes with the uniform. Of course, fabulous hairstyles don’t come easy, but practice it regularly will help you make them easily in no time. You can select a traditional nurse hairstyle and still look fashionable. Your hairstyle should compliment the scrub you are wearing.

Pick a style that goes best with your face but is suitable and comfortable at the workplace.

Comfort yourself with the clog

It is difficult to make a fashion statement with the clog. They speak very little about the individual’s personality. You can select from the pool of patterns and design which is most suitable and comfortable with the uniform.

Material of the Scrub:

Do not choose the material that wrinkles easily. Cotton is always comfortable. The material of the scrub plays an important role. All materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Select the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Select the best suitable accessories

Stud earrings or a diamond would go with the medical scrub. Don’t choose long or fancy earrings. That doesn’t justify the dress code. You can wear a cap that is much popular for nursing dress code.

They convey the dignity and the pride of the profession. Pin it up in the hair so that it doesn’t hinder the work.

The other factors contributing to the new trends in nursing scrubs are:

  • Prints;
  • Pants;
  • Sleeve length;
  • Neckline.

They all have been playing an important role in finding the best style scrub for nursing. Cleanliness stands above all. Dirty scrubs send a message about your own hygiene and so they should be regularly washed or discarded.

There are no set of rules for nursing attire. By late ’90s scrubs have become the “uniform” for nurses and medical professionals.

Wearing a scrub can offer a number of advantages and are easier to work in.  they are facilitated with enough space to carry necessary tools and equipment in the hospital.

And the added boon is, scrubs are not gender-biased. With a lot of men entering the nursing industry, they are appropriate for them too.

The only thing to remember while choosing the scrub is it should make you feel proud, professional, and dignified.

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