Ecommerce Business Ideas in 2019

There are many websites on the internet which can assist you in how to start an eCommerce business. But there is nothing like a perfect time to start it. Just because of the regular up-gradation of the digital industry, the eCommerce platform is continuously flourishing its reach with high chances of making profits for business investment.

We have reached an era of 2019, where the most vital part of an online business is what idea you are applying for. A perfect idea can turn your business from rust to gold. As an eCommerce business owner, which ideas to pursue and what products to sell should be your first concern rather than low costs of materials, shipping facilities and other rapid innovation before launching the business. Reading and learning about starting business from scratch from books rather than the internet is a different matter. But when you are going to start it by yourself, you will always need some fruitful ecommerce business ideas that have been proven to be a success in the online market based on its current trends, success rates and disruptiveness.

Here in this article, we are going to share some effective eCommerce business ideas which will make worth in your investments and time with great opportunities in 2019. So, let’s have a quick glance at the below points.

Online Niche Fashion Product Market: According to the research on online eCommerce marketing, 2019 will see the increasing number of niche ecommerce stores popping up. Niche products are always a curtail point for any business. That’s why it is always better to plan a niche eCommerce website which can introduce a specific type of fashion clothing or jewelry to a wide range of an audience. Like, for example, there are a few fashion websites on the internet that offers some specific tribal-inspired designer clothing from core Africa to the world.  This can be a new idea to start your eCommerce business.

Smart Online Home Accessories Products: Till now, this is the most uncommon and innovative eCommerce business idea that is assumed to increase its popularity nearly 50% in this year. With the rising demand for smart products, home accessories have now started creating its position in the top and there are only a few eCommerce stores which are selling these kinds of products. But setting up a website for this theme business is a challenge in itself. So, it’s always better to go for an expert opinion on how to start an eCommerce business for home improvement and accessories and how to categorize it. Professionals are always better.

Online Learning Platforms: We all know about the popularity of online learning applications. Nowadays, many online learning platforms have already set upon their foot in the digital world. But, just keep in mind that, this platform is still evolving with time and their increasing demand for a new website and smartphone applications will tell you about the current situation. Students are always looking for some unconventional ways of educational resource from which they can pick their academic needs. As a start-up plan, you can definitely go for the niche requirements of those students obviously with some great research work to flourish your eCommerce business.

Online Vape Store with Flavors and Liquids: Vaping industry is the most lucrative online eCommerce business idea as it has become a mainstream hobby for many new generation teenagers all around the world. There are lots of vaping-focused ecommerce stores already you can find on the internet. But still, there is a huge gap in their presence in the local communities and local search engines in many countries.

Online Grocery and Foods: The profitability of online grocery and food ecommerce business mainly depends upon the vendor relationship and customer base. However, this industry is going to be the best one for eCommerce business investors in this year. If you can convince your targeted audiences with a wide range of high-quality products in your online store, then this one can become the most lucrative eCommerce business present. As a start-up, you can begin with a small investment with local produce and products to create a healthy customer base by giving them attractive discount coupons and BOGO (By One Get One) offers. As the profits and funds increases, you can jump up to make it a bigger and more profitable business.

Online AR/VR Accessories Store: It is assumed that Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is going to take a huge marketing leads in a few upcoming years. The manufacturing companies will invest in the development of AR/VR smart phone apps and the increasing demand for virtual reality accessories is indicating a huge sales mark by the end of 2022. So, if you are planning to invest in the online eCommerce business, then it can be a great opportunity for you.

Social Consultant: If you have vast experience in social media, then you can start your own social consultancy business and help others to make their online media campaign effective. You can also teach them about how to start an eCommerce business and get popularity in a shorter time through social media marketing.

Online Health Service Store: Online health service store is one of the most profitable ideas of eCommerce business. You have two options to establish your business on the internet. You can sell medicines and other related products online or you can provide an on-demand health check-up and ambulance services. For this, you need to build a strong connection with the medical agencies to provide the best service to your customers.


So, here are the most useful ideas to start an eCommerce business online. Learning about how to start an eCommerce business is not the only thing you have to care about. Current trends and proper business idea also matter a lot for the success of your business. Once you have identified the right e-commerce business idea, half of your job is done. You just need to maintain and increase your products and service quality to enhance your business reach.

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