How to Meet Your Baldness With Dignity

Baldness is sad but inevitable for many men. It can become a real knockout to a man’s self-esteem. Age changes are welcomed neither by women nor by men. It’s the cruel reminder about the youth that will never come back. Many men become less confident and assertive when they start losing their hair.

In many cases, balding is genetically predetermined. Look at your father and you will see your future. However, your mother’s genes can also be involved. Don’t panic if you already notice a hair loss – many men try to conceal their balding head and fall into ridiculousness. You’re a man, so accept the fact that you’re balding with confidence and dignity.

The tips below will help you look and feel the best in this sad situation. Baldness doesn’t mean you should look and feel like an old man. It’s our attitude that makes us old, not baldness, wrinkles or a pair of extra pounds on your waist.

Find the cause

Even if things seem obvious, you should visit a specialist. Especially when you start losing hair before your 30s. Except for genetics, the causes may be different – metabolic diseases, a side effect from certain therapy, and even stress. If it’s not genetics, the balding may be curable. You may need a course of hair loss treatment together with corrections in your lifestyle and therapy. There are even surgeries that restore hair but they’re expensive and the result is not very predictable.

Accept the fact

You can buy yourself a fancy wig that will look exactly like your real hair, but this may be discovered and you will look ridiculous. It’s much better to accept the fact that you’re balding if no treatment helped. Many bald men are successful, happy and loved by women of all ages. People react to how you feel about yourself. If you won’t pay much attention to your baldness, they won’t either.

Choose the optimal haircut

The main rule is to cut them short. The bigger is the difference between your baldness and the length of your hair, the more ridiculous you look. If just shaving off everything is too radical for you, you can trim your hair very short (like Jason Statham does), leave a small fringe to hide the balding forehead or have chaotic layers that will conceal the balding part. Facial hair is also a good idea – it will compensate for the lack of hair on your head.

Don’t grow your hair for compensation

We’ve all seen these men with a ponytail and a balding head. Such extremes don’t go along together. Or those that brush the hair aside along the bald spot to “hide” it (but in fact attract the attention to it and to the fact that they are ashamed of their baldness). Find a good barber and consult about the optimal hair length.

Remember – baldness doesn’t define anything in your life. If you’re confident, you will be hot as hell disregarding your hair conditions. Your attitude towards yourself, self-respect and the strength to accept the changes in you are the most attractive and sexy things about you. Focus on them, and even your baldness will become a thing.

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