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The Guide To Getting Followers On Instagram Using Influencers

If you’re using Instagram to build awareness about your brand and to add more people to your customer base, you need to invest in a good influencer marketing program. Influencer marketing helps you in getting followers on Instagram.

Since influencers already have a major impact on the lifestyle and purchasing decisions of their followers, by bringing them on board, you’re moving towards getting more followers on Instagram. Moreover, their content creation abilities add value to your Instagram feed.

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You can use influencer marketing if you’re working towards getting followers on Instagram. Finding influencers to work with, on your social media marketing campaigns can turn out to be an overwhelming task. Follow this comprehensive step-by-step process on how you can find influencers suitable for your marketing program.

Study Your Target Audience

Before finding a niche influencer to work with, you should clearly understand and study your target audience. Once you find out who your target audience is, you can find the right set of influencers for your social media marketing strategy.

What is it that your audience likes? What kind of content do they enjoy seeing? Is your target audience composed more of males or females? In which age group would you put your target audience? Where is your target audience located?

Answer all these questions to get a clear idea about who your target audience is. Based on this information, you can build audience personas. Which influencers are catering to a similar target audience? Look for Instagram influencers whose target audience are similar to yours.

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Find Influencers Who Align With Your Brand Image

What kind of influencers will work well for your brand? What niche should they belong to? What characteristics are you looking for?

Find out what kind of people will be suitable to promote your brand. Your content, as well as your brand voice, should dictate what kind of influencers you collaborate with, on Instagram.

Your brand image may demand you to engage with celebrity influencers with the biggest follower bases. Would your brand image demand a professional to be brought in as an influencer or are you looking at bloggers-turned-influencers? Based on these factors, you can find out which influencers will be best suited to your brand.

Scan Through Their Content

There are so many influencers within every niche. Selecting and zeroing down on influencers to work with is a complex task. In order to figure out which influencers are going to work well for your brand, you need to scan their content.

You may want to study what kind of content they are posting on Instagram. How many comments do they usually receive on their Instagram posts? Do they respond to the comments that they receive? If yes, what is their tone like?

Answer these questions to know whether a given influencer will be the right fit for your business or not. You may also want to check if they have any form of content that may not go well with your brand or with your target audience.

Use Hashtags To Find The Right Set Of Influencers

A smart way to find the right influencers is by conducting an Instagram hashtag search. What are the different hashtags related to your brand or products?

You should typically start by looking for broader, generalized hashtags. You can then look at deeper, and more specific hashtags that would go with your brand. You can also want to look for certain hashtags like #Ads and #sponsored when conducting a hashtag search. Those influencers who use these hashtags are more likely to be willing to work with businesses and may be approached.

Check Who Your Followers Follow

Another good way to find influencers who will be helpful in getting followers on Instagram is by looking at the influencers that your followers are following. Having a common or a similar audience is exactly what you should be looking for, as it means that the influencers’ content creation skills and niche align with your brand.

Use Influencer Marketing Tools To Find Influencers To Collaborate With

You can use influencer marketing tools to find influencers to collaborate with. HypeAuditor is one influencer marketing tool through which you can find prominent influencers from 17 different countries. Social Crawlytics can be used to track your own content and that of your competitors’ including their total number of shares. Apart from these, the other influencer marketing tools that you can look at include Alltop, Klout, Crowdfire, Full Contact, and Personapp.

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