14 Foods Which Will Help You Whiten Your Teeth

You’ve probably often heard: “If you want a snow-white smile, don’t consume red wine and black coffee.” But what about the products that help restore the natural whiteness of teeth? You can find them in your kitchen! We will tell you what products will be able to fight dark spots and plaque.

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts act as a soft abrasive, erasing dark spots from teeth. In addition, they are very useful for the whole body. Therefore, the next time you want to eat, buy a nut mix – so you get your portion of proteins and healthy fats.


Despite the fact that onions have a bad reputation due to the strong smell, they will help you cope with dark plaque. Plus, after eating a dish containing onion, you are sure to go brushing your teeth again.

Apples and Pears

Have you ever heard an aphorism “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Apples are good for our general health, including our gums and teeth. The same is true for pears. They are really great at strengthening your gums. Also, these fruits make the body produce more saliva, neutralizing the bacterial columns and killing bad breath and plaque.

Celery and Carrots

These products act like apples and pears. They cause an active production of saliva, as a result of which the bacteria die and the plaque slowly fades away. An additional benefit – celery and carrots are very useful for the general health and your waist.


If you want to achieve the natural whiteness of your teeth, don’t forget to add broccoli to your lunch. Unlike beets, this product does not leave colored spots on the teeth, and besides it helps to fight plaque.


Good hard cheese contains a lot of calcium – which is good for strengthening the gums and teeth. And the cheese is almost colorless, that is, it will not leave any marks on the teeth. So feel free to order the “cheese plate” in your favorite restaurant.


The bright red color of strawberries does not mean that this berry can’t be an excellent natural teeth whitener. The malic acid contained in strawberries is a good teeth whitener, which removes the dark pigment from the surface of the teeth. What could be better than teeth whitening with the help of strawberries?


Due to the high acid content, oranges remove dark plaque on the teeth. And vitamin C is good for the whole body. In addition, it promotes the production of collagen, which helps to prevent aging of the skin, the absorption of iron, the growth and restoration of bone cells, teeth, and tissues.


Drink more water – especially when eating pigmented foods such as red wine, coffee, soy sauce, tea, sodas, and beets. And be careful with sparkling water – it adversely affects the enamel.

Milk and Yogurt

Due to the high calcium content, these products strengthen the enamel and teeth. Eat a cookie with a glass of milk, and for dinner instead of barbecue sauce, order Turkish yogurt and Greek salad with cheese.

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