Trending App Glo Transforms an Ancient Practice for the Digital Era With Online Yoga

It can be hard to fit yoga training into your daily schedule, I get it. There are barely enough hours left in the day after work and school. Where are you supposed to fit a commute to the studio and back as well as an hour-long lesson?

What if I told you that you can actually learn yoga from a whole team of certified yoga instructors right from where you are right now? That’s right. Glo is a website that aims to transform the practice of yoga for a new generation no longer bound by space or time with online yoga. Glo reminds us that we already possess all we truly need for effective yoga practice: our body, our breath and our mind.

Online Yoga for A New Era

Glo is championing the idea of online yoga as a way to untether from the limitations of traditional yoga classes. With Glo, all you need is yourself and a computer to gain unlimited access to a library of interdisciplinary yoga, meditation, and exercise video courses from their award-winning instructions.

With online yoga, you can learn and practice at your own pace, no matter where in the world you are. Glo allows you to access the benefits of physical and spiritual well-being from a digital space. Whether you want to begin your journey into yoga or are an experienced yogi looking to supplement your practice, you’ll find something of value within their comprehensive collection.

A Look Into Glo’s Programs

Glo offers a variety of yoga styles for you to choose from. From Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal to Yoga Conditioning, there will always be something new to learn there. With programs designed to meet any need, you’ll be able to find a guide for your practice whether you have 5 minutes or a few hours of yoga time.

We took a look at a few of their available programs and here’s what we found:

Maximum Mobility

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Class Length: 15 minutes

This simple two-week program aims at increasing your total mobility by activating and stretching commonly tight muscle groups throughout your body. It only requires 15 minutes of daily practice, perfect for sneaking in between meetings, in the morning or right before bed.

With daily classes like “Happy Hips”, “Hamstring Helpers” and “Open Them Ape Hangers”, each course focuses on a different area of your body, leading up to a greatly enhanced range of motion by the end of the program

7 Days to Total Flexibility

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Class Length: 30 minutes

This week-long crash course into flexibility tackles the main reason most people give up on their yoga practice: they’re not flexible enough! By combining classic yoga poses with progressive muscle stretching, this program is a great way to open up those tough muscle groups that just don’t want to give during a regular yoga class.

After just a week of doing this program, you’ll feel the benefits of enhanced mobility in all your muscles and joints. And this course is just the beginning!

Supplement Your Studio Practice

Skill Level: Intermediate

Class Length: 60 minutes

Perfect for all the serious yogis out there, this course sets out to recreate the intensity, depth and focus of a full-studio class right in the comfort of, well, wherever you want to practice. Follow three master instructors as they guide you through complete yoga sequences and make it easy for you to keep a regular routine, no matter if you can make it to the studio or not.

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