How private Detective Carry Pre Marriage Investigations and What Findings to Expect?

It is better to stay single and wait for the right person than to marry someone who is totally incompatible. India is one of the last remaining fort of the institute of arrange marriages. According to data more than 86% of the marriages in India are arranged by parents or close relatives. So, the partners who are getting into marriage do not know each other neither do the families know each other. Earlier the marriages used to fixed between known people, relatives and neighborhood but due to changing in social dynamics and growing populations, matches are not readily available and one has to often resort to newspapers, matrimonial websites, marriage bureaus, temples, Gurudwara etc. for fixing the match. Venturing into unknown territories always strike fear in human mind, in case of matrimonial alliance no risk can be taken. Often, people appear to be very sweet and nice natured Pursue but a deeper analysis may show things which are contrary. More so ever, everyone has relatives, neighbors, known people who had very bitter experiences in past marriages. These stories give all the more valid reasons that a matrimonial alliance needs to be checked and verified thoroughly before going ahead.

Not only in the case of arrange marriage but also in some cases where boyfriend and girlfriend are very much in love with each other, a pre matrimonial check is essential. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is reluctant to introduce to your family than pre matrimonial investigation is much desirable. Sometimes the love birds are totally ignorant of each others financial background, social background, address, parents etc. There is a deep desire to know about each other before taking the plunge.

  • Private Investigators and detective for carrying pre matrimonial checks –

Now one does not need to worry about their doubts pertaining to pre matrimonial check, there are many investigation companies who deal in pre wedding background checks and analysis. There is no need to gamble in a sacred institute of marriage and things should be handled by professionals. Wedding is a big occasion, much bigger than any other culture. So, it is very obvious that a lot of thinking goes into marriage. Nearly all the major cities in India have private investigators and detective who specialize in conducting pre matrimonial checks. These private players are well acquainted in the art of digging out the truth and providing complete detailed information about the prospective bride or groom and their family.

  • How do private detectives conduct pre marriage verification –

Private detective agencies have their agents, who are well experienced in the field of pre matrimonial inquiry. The detective agencies assign cases to these agents, who further probe pre wedding checks. Investigation does not have a specified course like a river, rather it is a free flowing process. In pre matrimonial checks the investigator develop deep assets at places frequented by prospective bride/groom. These places can be his past neighborhood, past work place, past place of study, and relative etc. The investigator takes the best root possible and zero in, on some specific group of people who know information about the subject and his family. Without arising any suspicion the investigator gets in depth details about the entire family. It is up to the discretion of the investigator on field but sometime, he may decide to physically follow the concerned subject (prospective bride/groom). This is known as surveillance, it uncovers the darker side of the individual i.e. what he/she does when not under one observation of family, friends, neighbors, relatives etc. This is the full proof method which completes the pre matrimonial investigations.

  • Is the background analysis safe, how sure shall a client be sure about his privacy and confidentiality?

As a matter of precaution the identity of private investigator and clients are not disclosed by the management of private investigation firm. The investigators always choose the person to be interviewed very carefully, they never divulge the original requirement as well as the need for investigation. A story is cooked about some sibling of subject. At times even the subject is intrude interviews on same pretext. Therefore, the client should never worry about privacy and confidentiality. The field investigator are highly trained to avoid their possible detection.

  • What are the checks which are private investigator make in pre matrimonial inquiry?

In an inquiry for analysis for background check of prospective bride/groom, nothing can be left to chance. It’s a matter of life and death of clients, therefore, the private investigative firms send their best investigators in field for such tasks. In India, matrimonial alliance are always fixed between two families rather than two individuals. Therefore, background analysis of the family is very essential for marriage purpose. The private investigator carries out extensive investigation of the following facts –

  • General Character verification of the prospective bride/groom –

Character building is the most essential part of human personality. A person who does not bear good moral character cannot prove to be a good husband or wife. So in case of a marriage, the paramount thing is character verification of the subject. Character verification is a very broad term which itself has several sub title. In character it is determined whether the subject is having any affair, his/her sexuality (LGBTQ, Straight etc.), criminal case/civil case (if any), alcohol/drug abuse, smoking etc.

  • Reputation of the family – It is often seen that family bears a lot of impact on the persona of its member. Therefore, the of the family is very important. Private investigative companies give a lot of weightage to social reputation and prestige of the family in which matrimonial alliance is to be made. Every trait of the family is examined and given to the client.
  • Information relating to employment/business – It is very necessary to correctly establish the nature of employment or business. In vase majority of cases it is seen that a family particularly that of a boy, gives false information about the salary package or business earnings.
  • Education Qualification – Educational qualification also need to be established as it is also one of the Grey area in marriage.
  • Financial status of the family  – The financial status of the family is also very important to be ascertained. It shall also be seen that the assets and house they occupy are on rent or self-acquired. It is also checked in pre matrimonial that the house is mortgaged or not.
  • Final Report – The findings of private investigators is produced in writing and submitted to client. Supporting evidences are also given to the clients for their perusal.

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