Finding Whole House Water Filters That You Can Afford in 2019

Why pay a fortune for a system which just delivers you a slightly filtered tap water? Or why pay numerous prices that can cost you up to a fortune of future maintenance issues and more? There are multiple systems out there that say they’ll deliver you amazing quality, but to much surprise, all you get is a basic carbon filtration system. Even Pelican systems only offers a 4-stage filtration system, which is why you normally need more than one, or your water may not be quite as pure as it could possibly be. In this guide, we’ll show you a great water filtration system and explain how you could easily own the most affordable whole house water filters 2019 has to offer.

How AquaOx Works

AquaOx, a revolutionary home water filtration system has been in the works since approximately 2007 with their water filtration systems, and their filters are state of the art, high quality, and you get 7 separate filtering components and re-filtering components to make your water clean and pure. If you don’t think you need water that pure, then you may be surprised at the health benefits of filtering your everyday water.

You can also purchase numerous addons, such as an antibacterial and antiviral water filter attachment, and even set up your home with a reverse osmosis water treatment system that treats your drinking water even after it goes through the main filter. By taking out all of the contaminants in your home’s water supply, you can ensure that the water you’re drinking is as close to pure H2O as you can truly achieve.

Can I Use it for Well Water?

Because of the 7-layer technology, AquaOx filters are built durable, and also can come in multiple sizes, but they are also not just fit for your urban/rural everyday home. They are optimized for maximum cleaning of even some of the toughest well water, and can help filter out harsh chemicals, sodium, minerals, debris, bacteria, and even parasitic components from your water.

How easy is it to Purchase?

AquaOx is one of the only water filtration systems out there that you can actually buy online for an affordable price, as well as be able to make payment installations on. Picking your unit is actually very easy. You simply go to their site, click the buy now button, it asks you which item you want to purchase, then you pick the extra component addon you want (if any). Once that’s all set up, you simply pay, and get the filtration system as soon as you receive it via your shipping option. Then you can install it straight out of the box (the instructions are included). While some of your finer components and attachments are normally rather easy to install, there may be extra installation steps.

Are There Payment Options?

AquaOx is one of the only systems that deliver the best quality water product as a final result compared to other home filtration systems. And what’s even better, if you don’t want to pay the full price right off the bat, you can simply choose to use PayPal Express credit and have 6 months to pay it off! Ans what’s even better, these systems are made to be maintenance free! This means no replacing default stock filters all the time as it is set to backwash clean itself on a timer.

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